Pirates of the Black Cove (+4 Trainer)

Pirates of the Black Cove (+4 Trainer)

Pirates of the Black Cove (+4 Trainer) [DiMey]

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Pirates of the Black Cove
URL: http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=540776
I've looked online and there are no trainers for this game yet (if we exclude the one with DRM and the chinese ones  ).. So, here's my first attempt at making a trainer for Pirates of the Black Cove (patch 2).
Numpad 1 - Hero GodMode
Numpad 2 - Ship GodMode
Numpad 3 - Add 1000 Gold
Numpad 4 - Max Grog*
Numpad 5 - Max Toolboxes*
*note: you need at least 1 grog or toolbox for these to work.
Since it's my first trainer, I appreciate any kind of feedback
It works at the start of the game but I didnt go much further so I don't know if it will work once you go on.. The last 3 cheats should work anyway, dunno about the first 2.. let me know if you try it.

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