Pirates of Black Cove


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Objective: Found first joke

Well, it's a start...
Objective: Complete the first storyline mission

One small step for...
Objective: Visited a colony

Do what you want cause a pirate is free.
Objective: Complete the first pirate faction mission.

I can see my house from here!
Objective: Used the human catapult

Spare some Seamen
Objective: Managed to reach Sirens

Pimp My Ride
Objective: Bought the first visual upgrade for ship

Bayonets? Never heard of them!
Objective: Killed 20 ranged soldiers using melee units

Dakka Dakka Dakka
Objective: Bought first special weapon

Those who live by the sword, die by those who won't
Objective: Killed 20 melee soldiers using ranged units

There is no I in TEAM!
Objective: Successfully captured a ship

What do we do with the Drunken sailor
Objective: Overdrank grog 5 times

Walker de Planc
Objective: Complete all Pirate Story missions

Objective: Sink 5 Black Cove ships!

Objective: Unlocked all ship upgrades.

You sank my Battleship
Objective: Sunk 100 ships with basic cannons

Perfect catch
Objective: Captured a ship without losing any ship health

Objective: Picked up a total of 50 ingredients for the Mad Alchemist

Objective: Created a total of 10 potions with the Mad Alchemist

Longshot Jack
Objective: Complete all Buccaneer Story missions

Shiver me Timbers!
Objective: Met the ghosts

Jolie Roger
Objective: Complete all Corsair Story missions

Cap'n Mor'Guns
Objective: Unlocked all special weapons

Bob the Builder
Objective: Constructed all buildings in all strongholds

Dispenser of injustice
Objective: United all the factions

King of Pirates
Objective: Finished the game

Full pack
Objective: All available unit spots filled, including heroes

Objective: Stunned 10 enemy soldiers simultaneously with stink bomber

Just Cruisin'
Objective: Spent 30 minutes on the world level without participating in any mission

The Suicider
Objective: Sailed at the seas while under 20% of ships hitpoints for 5 minutes

Q's little helper
Objective: Found all blueprints

Objective: All different unit types under control at the same time

Stand up Comedian
Objective: Found all jokes in the game

99 bottles of grog on the wall...!
Objective: Used 99 bottles of grog

I love big black balls
Objective: Sunk 100 ships with mortar

Ship tycoon
Objective: Owned 20 ships at the same time

Beholder, Aye!
Objective: Found 50 Eyepatches of the Beholder

Objective: Destroy 20 banks

Quick Employer
Objective: Hired a total of 50 units

Severed into Shreds
Objective: Player ship destroyed (from max hp) by one broadside from a Black Cove ship

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