Red Alert 3 v1.06 (+12 Trainer)

Red Alert 3 v1.06 (+12 Trainer)

Red Alert 3 v1.06 (+12 Trainer)

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         brings you..
               Command And Conquer Red Alert 3 v1.06 PLUS 12 TRAINER
           Release Date [ 01/28/2009
            Release Size [ 1x5.0mb         Platform  [ WinXP/Vista
            Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ Strategy
                                           Supplier  [ iSO:    RELOADED
                                                       UPDATE: RELOADED
         If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure to run the
         trainer in administrator mode.
         To do so, Right click the trainer -> Properties -> Compatability and
         choose to run it as administrator.
         Please also be careful with modern firewalls. They now also have
         several protections against code injection which is needed for a
         trainer to work. Make sure you disable it while playing or it might
         stop the trainer from running.
         A note to the p2p lamer called Ken22265:
         If you want to make trainers, go and make them yourself, and don't
         steal other peoples work.
         You've stolen code from the CH trainers and from our trainers from
         our previous releases (Yep, we've got proof).
         We've included fake code for our options, you know.
         It's funny seeing that some p2p guy is actually dumb enough to steal
         it :P
             #    Hotkey              Option
             1    NUMPAD1                    Add 10000 Credits
             2    NUMPAD3                    No Energy Consumption
             3    NUMPAD7                    Instant Build/Recruiting/Upgrading
             4    NUMPAD9             Toggle Infinite Top Secret Protocol Pts
             5    NUMPAD0                    Get Ammo/Bombs
             6    F10                        Get Massive Health
                  F11                        Reduce Health
             7    4                          Instant Protocol Abilities
             8    5                          Restore Ore Mine Resources
             9    6                   Toggle Max Threat Level
                  7                   Toggle Reduce Threat Level
             10   8                   Toggle Instant Unit Ability Cooldown
             11   9                   Toggle Instant Special Weapon Recharge
             12   0                   Toggle Zoom Modifier
         NUMPAD1 - Add 10000 Credits
         Press the hotkey to add 10000 credits to your current amount.
         NUMPAD3 - No Energy Consumption
         Press the hotkey once to increase the energy production and to set
         the energy consumption to 0.
         After this option has been used, the consumption will continue
         normally. You can re-use this option at any time.
         NUMPAD7 - Instant Build/Recruiting/Upgrading
         Deselect everything (left-click on the ground once), then after you
         have enabled this option all buildings/units/building upgrades will
         be build/recruited/researched instantly.
         For some buildings, you might have to hover your mouse over it, to
         complete the building progress.
         You will need to repeat this procedure every time you wish to use
         this option.
         NUMPAD9 - Infinite Top Secret Protocol Points
         Enable this option and enter the Top Secret Protocol screen and you
         will be able to get all upgrades.
         Note that you cannot get locked upgrades (such as in campaign mode
         and maybe other game modes).
         Disable the option, after you got the points.
         NUMPAD0 - Get Ammo/Bombs
         Select a unit/aircraft that holds a limited amount of ammo/bombs and
         press this hotkey to increase the units/aircrafts ammo/bombs.
         F10 - F11 - Get Massive Health/Reduce Health
         Select any unit/building and press the hotkey to restore the health
         or to reduce it to the minimum.
         You will need to select a unit/building and press the hotkey each
         time you wish to edit its health.
         4 - Instant Protocol Abilities
         This option will make your Protocol Abilities instantly available
         after you used them.
         Protocol Abilities are all abilities which you can get in the Top
         Secret Protocol screen.
         You will need to press the hotkey each time you wish to cooldown
         a protocol ability.
         5 - Restore Ore Mine Resources
         Select any ore mine, press the hotkey and its resources will be set
         to the original amount.
         You will need to select an ore mine and press the hotkey every time
         you wish to edit its resources.
         6 - 7 - Max/Reduce Threat Level
         Sets the Threat Level to the maximum/minimum. With a high threat
         level you'll be able to get security points faster than normal, and
         your units can gain veterancy sooner.
         8 - Instant Unit Ability Cooldown
         Enable this option and when you use a units special ability, it will
         be cooled down instantly.
         You must have the unit selected, to instantly cooldown its ability.
         9 - Instant Special Weapon Recharge
         The special weapons will instantly recharge after you have used them.
         You can get these special weapons by building certain buildings.
         Each faction has different special weapons.
         For some factions you might first need to enable this option, and
         then press 8, in order to recharge the special weapon.
         0 - Zoom Modifier
         This option is more useful than you might think.
         After playing some levels we got pretty pissed, because after
         building a complete base, we haven't been able to zoom out enough to
         get an overview of the whole base.
         With this option enabled, you can zoom in/out as often as you want.
         You can use the pre-defined hotkeys (Default: Mousewheel UP/DOWN or
         NUMPAD2/NUMPAD8) to zoom. That way you can get a complete
         overview of your base, and you don't need to move your camera here
         and there, only because you want to select some units.
         After disabling this option you only need to scroll in/out once to
         restore the original zoom range.
         ALWAYS disable options, after you have used them and right before
         the current level ends.
         Install Notes
         1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
         2. Run the trainer from any directory
         3. Launch the game
         4. Toggle desired Options on/off
        Team BReWErS is currently looking for
          * 100mbit+ affil sites
          * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
          * Shell supplier
        Don't hesitate to contact us at
         Greetings are flying out to:
                             all FRiENDS and DOX lovers
                     showing another art of reverse engineering
                             ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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