Resident Evil 2 Claire UK (+17 Trainer)

Mortal Night v.1.00 - 1/3

Resident Evil 2 Claire UK (+17 Trainer)

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Resident Evil 2: ID NUMBERS LIST for ITEM'S
00 Nothing
01 Combat Knife
02 H&K VP70
03 Browning HP
04 H&K VP70 burst
05 Desert Eagle 50 A.E
06 D.E. 50A.E 10 Inch
07 Remington M1100 P.
08 Remington M1100
09 M79 Grenade Launcher Explosives
10 M79 Grenade Launcher Flame
11 M79 Grenade Launcher Acid
12 Bow Gun
13 Colt S.A.A.
14 Spark Gun
15 MAC 11
16 Flamethrower
17 Rocket Launcher
18 Gatling Gun
19 Beretta M92FS
20 9mm Bullets
21 Shotgun Shells
22 DOT50A.E Rounds
23 Chemical Fuel
24 Explosive Grenades
25 Flame Grenades
26 Acid Grenades
27 DOT380 Rounds
28 Spark Shot
29 Bow Gun Bolts
30 Ink Ribbon
31 Small Key
32 Hand Gun Parts
33 Magnum Parts
34 Shotgun Parts
35 First Aid Spray
36 Anti-Virus Bomb
37 Chemical AC-W24
38 Green Herb
39 Red Herb
40 Blue Herb
41 Mixed Herbs : 2 Green
42 Mixed Herbs : Green + Red
43 Mixed Herbs : Green + Blue
44 Mixed Herbs : 3 Green
45 Mixed Herbs : 2 Green + 1 Blue
46 Mixed Herbs : Green + Red + Blue
47 Lighter
48 Lockpick
49 Photograph
50 Valve Handle
51 Red Jewel
52 Red Keycard
53 Blue Keycard
54 Serpent Stone
55 Jaguar Stone
56 Blue Stone Part (Left)
57 Blue Stone Part (Right)
58 Eagle Stone
59 Bishop Plug
60 Rook Plug
61 Knight Plug
62 King Plug
63 W. Box Key
64 Detonator
65 C4 Explosive
66 C4 Bomb
67 Crank
68 Film
69 Film
70 Film
71 Unicorn Medal
72 Eagle Medal
73 Wolf Medal
74 Cog Wheel
75 Manhole Opener
76 Main Fuse
77 Fuse Plug
78 Vaccine Cartridge
79 Vaccine
80 Film
81 Basis Vaccine
82 G-Virus
83 Special Key
84 Joint S Plug
85 Joint N Plug
86 Cable
87 Photograph
88 Cabin Key
89 Spade Key
90 Diamond Key
91 Heart Key
92 Club Key
93 C. Panel Key (Red)
94 C. Panel Key (Yellow)
95 P. Room Key
96 MO Disk
97 Lab Keycard
98 Master Key
99 Platform Key
Made by...
Included, for reference, by...
Delta Dreamer
Liam82067 -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
Resident Evil 2 v1.0 (UK): +17 Trainer for Claire Redfield
CLAIREP.EXE = MD5: 877C6E38A91E549F88544BE5E5263A88 (NO-CD)
T_RE2_CLAIREP10.EXE = MD5: 036655CE41422DAA37E001B15737E0CE
This is my first (1st) working Trainer. It's well tested, and has'nt crashed my system (like some of the other Trainers, that I found). To use it, just run the game, first. Then, when at the "STATUS" screen (the Item Menu, with Health and Guns), Minimize (or ALT+TAB) to the DeskTop and Run the Trainer. I suggest running the game in a window, when working with the Trainer. It's faster, and safer, until things are set. Then, Maximize the game, and switch to Full Screen with F7 in-game.
This game was very difficult to hack, and required two (2) forms of help, to accomplish it. The "Example" method, mentioned below, and SaveGame hacking. I had to hack the SaveGame files, to find the value, for when the Character gets poisoned. It was mostly trial and error, in the process of finding the address, for it. This is the second (2nd) Revision of this Trainer. I had not planned on releasing it, because of the issues mentioned below (mostly). But, I recently found a solution (hopefully), to the problems explained below.
If you Run the Trainer (with the game) for more than an hour, the Trainer will cause the System to run out of "File Handles". A "Resource Monitor" utility, verified this, when I noticed something was'nt right. It appears that the reason it does this, is because of the "Slider Bars" (for Items). I set the Trainer to update the "Slider Bar(s)" Button(s) position(s), with the currently stored value. Unfortunately, this is a small problem. If you notice the game, start to stutter or get sluggish, then this is an indication of running out of "File Handles". The moment you notice the game doing this, follow this example. The best solution, is to "Close" the Trainer (it will then free-up the "File Handle" resources), then "ReRun" the Trainer. This feature is needed, to show the user, what item is currently being used (roughly).
Because of controversy, about the keystroke capture module named "H@tKeysH@@k" (H@tKeysH@@k.dll), I decided to remove my initial HotKey support. That file is not malicious, from what I can tell. But, it is said (from my research) to be exactly the same file size, as it's malicious counterpart.
"FileMonitor" ("FileMon") by "Sysinternals", shows that all the file does, is watch for key presses by the user, and then does what the trainer author means for it to do (Trigger a Cheat, on or off). The Trainer works just as well, without HotKeys support. It would normally put the file to "C:"Windows Directory"SYSTEM" or "C:"Windows Directory"SYSTEM32". I assure you that my Trainer will never create that file. It does'nt create it on my system, and it wont create it on yours, either.
I have replaced 3 unused references in this Trainer, with a Hex Editer (with whitespaces), to avoid false malware alerts. In a Process and Window viewer, you will now see a nameless entry with the same Process ID, as the Trainer. This practically disables the unused Functions. Without a name, they cannot be called upon, by the Trainer. Normally, this would be considered overkill, because my Trainer does not use HotKeys.
Windows 98 SE by Microsoft
re2claire.exe by IPEX & Warrior
Trainer Spy v1.0 by Corsica Productions
Cheat Finder v1.0 by R. A. Uhalde
IconsExtact v1.30 by Nir Sofer
IconForge v6.32 by CursorArts
Capture v2.01 by AnalogX
FotoCanvas v1.1 by ACD Systems
Paintbrush v4.10.1998 by Microsoft
Trainer Maker Kit v1.51 by Corsica Productions
BVD NotePad v5.0 by Badevlad
Hex Workshop v4.23 by BreakPoint Software
MetaPad v3.51 by Alexander Davidson
Part of this Trainer was derived from IPEX's Warrior.nfo release,
as follows...
HEALTH (2 Code Addresses)
H. GUN [SLOT 1 Ammo] (1 Code Address)
BOWGUN [SLOT 4 Ammo] (1 Code Address)
I spied-on the codes listed above, for educational purposes only, and I do not take credit for finding them. I found the remainder of the Addresses, myself, and I claim full credit for those codes (and the Trainer design).
THANKS to...
CAPCOM, for making a tough game, that needs cheat codes.
GameBurnWorld, for hosting my Trainers (Great Site, G'day mates!).
IPEX (and Warrior), for "re2claire.exe". It really helped me see a few examples, of the memory map layout, for this game. I have always learned, from good examples. It was the best tutorial, that I could have asked for.
MegaGames, for hosting my Trainers (Good Site).
MiCRaL, for the precompiled Items list. I edited it slightly, for my own use. That is the version that I am releasing, to avoid confusion. See the end of that file for "CREDITS" info. I'm including it for reference, with the Trainer, if needed.
Images and Tradenames, are the Copyright, of each owner.
These files can be shared amongst whomever finds them usefull. But, they must be offered as FREEWARE.
For questions or comments, send a message to:
Liam82067 -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
Make the Subject as the Trainer Archive Name:
Subject = "Resident Evil 2_v1.0(UK)_+17 Trainer_Claire"
Please, do not bother to send Attachments, without asking me first. I trash all E-Mails, that seem suspicious, and your effort will be wasted. Also, I may refuse to accept it, based on file contents.
(c) 2006, 2007 Delta Dreamer

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