Resident Evil Chris US (+19 Trainer)

Resident Evil Chris US (+19 Trainer)

Resident Evil Chris US (+19 Trainer)

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Resident Evil 1 - Item List
Value - Item
  0   - Nothing
  1   - Combat Knife
  2   - Beretta
  3   - Shotgun
  4   - DumDum Colt
  5   - Colt Python
  6   - FlameThrower
  7   - Bazooka (Acid)
  8   - Bazooka (Explosive)
  9   - Bazooka (Flame)
 10   - Rocket Launcher
 11   - Clip
 12   - Shells
 13   - DumDum Rounds
 14   - Magnum Rounds
 15   - FlameThrower Fuel
 16   - Explosive Rounds
 17   - Acid Rounds
 18   - Flame Rounds
 19   - Empty Bottle
 20   - Water
 21   - Umb No. 2
 22   - Umb No. 4
 23   - Umb No. 7
 24   - Umb No. 13
 25   - Yellow 6
 26   - NP-003
 27   - V-Jolt
 28   - Broken Shotgun
 29   - Square Crank
 30   - Hex Crank
 31   - Wood Emblem
 32   - Gold Emblem
 33   - Blue Jewel
 34   - Red Jewel
 35   - Music Notes
 36   - Wolf Medal
 37   - Eagle Medal
 38   - Chemical
 39   - Battery
 40   - MO Disk
 41   - Wind Crest
 42   - Flare
 43   - Slides
 44   - Moon Crest
 45   - Star Crest
 46   - Sun Crest
 47   - Ink Ribbon
 48   - Lighter
 49   - Lock Pick
 50   - Nameless (Can of Oil)
 51   - Sword Key
 52   - Armor Key
 53   - Sheild Key
 54   - Helmet Key
 55   - Lab Key 1
 56   - Special Key
 57   - Dorm Key 002
 58   - Dorm Key 003
 59   - C. Room Key
 60   - Lab Key 2
 61   - Small Key
 62   - Red Book
 63   - Doom Book 2
 64   - Doom Book 1
 65   - F-Aid Spray
 66   - Serum
 67   - Red Herb
 68   - Green Herb
 69   - Blue Herb
 70   - Mixed (Red+Green)
 71   - Mixed (2 Green)
 72   - Mixed (Blue + Green)
 73   - Mixed (All)
 74   - Mixed (Silver Color)
 75   - Mixed (Bright Blue-Green)
 76   - Uzi w/ Infinity
 77   - Mini Mi w/ Infinity
Resident Evil v1.0 (US) +19 Trainer for Chris, by 'Delta Dreamer'
T-RE1_Chris_U10.EXE = MD5: 17C10031F8C5BF5C50F613DD2CAFA4FF
This is my next working Trainer. To use it, just run the game first. Then, when at the "STATUS" screen (ie: Item Menu with Health and Guns), Minimize or ALT+TAB to the DeskTop and Run the appropriate Trainer. I suggest running the game in a window, when working with the Trainer. It's faster, and safer, until things are set. Then, switch to Full Screen with F7, in game.
This game was moderately difficult to hack, and required SaveGame hacking, to help. This is the second (2nd) Revision of this Trainer. I had not planned on releasing it, But, I recently thought, why not? BTW, this Trainer prevents the Character(s), from being poisoned.
There are two events, where you control Rebecca Chambers. When this happens, you MUST undo the Health cheat for Chris, before it auto-switches the Characters. If you don't, both the game, and the system will fatally crash!
1. After the first "big Snake" boss battle.
2. Before the "killer Plant" boss battle.
Likewise, you MUST do the same for Rebecca, before it auto-switches, back to Chris! Don't select both Health Buttons! They share the same Address, but use different values.
If you Run the Trainer (with the game) for more than an hour, the Trainer will cause the System to run out of "File Handles". A "Resource Monitor" utility, verified this, when I noticed something was'nt right. It appears that the reason it does this, is because of the "Slider Bars" (for Items). I set the Trainer to update the "Slider Bar(s)" Button(s) position(s), with the currently stored value. Unfortunately, this is a small problem. If you notice the game, start to stutter or get sluggish, then this is an indication of running out of "File Handles". The moment you notice the game doing this, follow this example. The best solution, is to "Close" the Trainer (it will then free-up the "File Handle" resources), then "ReRun" the Trainer. This feature is needed, to show the user, what item is currently being used (roughly).
 It does not utilize HotKeys, because of HotKey issues, with my Trainer Development Software. I have replaced 3 unused references in this Trainer, with a Hex Editer (with whitespaces), to avoid false malware alerts. In a Process and Window viewer, you will now see a nameless entry with the same Process ID, as the Trainer. This practically disables the unused Functions. Without a name, they cannot be called upon, by the Trainer. Normally, this would be considered overkill, because my Trainer does not use HotKeys.
Windows 98 SE by Microsoft
Cheat Finder v1.0 by R. A. Uhalde
GameWiz32 v1.43 by OneStepAhead Software
Hex Workshop v3.11 by BreakPoint Software
IconsExtact v1.30 by Nir Sofer
IconForge v6.32 by CursorArts
Capture v2.01 by AnalogX
FotoCanvas v1.1 by ACD Systems
Trainer Maker Kit v1.51 by Corsica Productions
BVD NotePad v5.0 by Badevlad
Hex Workshop v4.23 by BreakPoint Software
MetaPad v3.51 by Alexander Davidson
THANKS to...
CAPCOM, for making a scary game, and giving me reasons to cheat it.
GameBurnWorld, for hosting my Trainers (Great Site, G'day mates!).
MegaGames, for hosting my Trainers (Good Site).
Images and Tradenames, are the Copyright, of each owner.
These files can be shared amongst whomever finds them usefull. But, they must be offered as FREEWARE.
For questions or comments, send a message to:
Liam82067 -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
Make the Subject as the Trainer Archive Name:
Subject = "Resident Evil v1.0 (US)_+19 Trainer_Chris"
Please, do not bother to send Attachments, without asking me first. I trash all E-Mails, that seem suspicious, and your effort will be wasted. Also, I may refuse to accept it, based on file contents.
(c) 2006, 2007 Delta Dreamer


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