Rise of the Triad (+4 Trainer) [Danik]

Rise of the Triad (+4 Trainer) [Danik]

Rise of the Triad (+4 Trainer) [Danik]

Text file description:

Run on Win7 Compatibility mode as always.
Trainer is optimized to run resource friendly with Dual-core systems!
Trainer is considered BETA due to the fact that Ammo and Score are on the same address , it is still usable.
It is recommended but not a must, when using RELOADED's api , to deactivate Score and Percentage cheats after successfully applied.

File information

Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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