Star Ruler v1.0.1.8 (+24 Trainer)

Star Ruler v1.0.1.8 (+24 Trainer) 
Star Ruler v1.0.1.8 (+24 Trainer)

Star Ruler v1.0.1.8 (+24 Trainer) [Mop]

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Star Ruler V1.0.1.8 +24 Trainer
Moping your game with predigest
By: Mop
-There are some issues you should be aware of
	1) Some Options only work if the game is PAUSED
	2) if you un-pause the game while any of the PLANET cheats are on
	it may cause a Crash some times
	3) Some times a game will not load if any of the option in the trainer
	are on so you may have to turn the trainer off
	4) also dont go to crazy with the numbers on the right if you increse or decrese them
	to much the game goes crazy sometimes, so you may have to figure out what the
	limitations are.
-Turn on ENABLE OPTION when game is paused if possible
	-EMPIRE BANK options:
		-you have to pause and turn on the cheats, you also have to have a running/saved
		resources in the bank
	-PLANET options:
		-Pause game turn on all the Options you want and select the
		planet's you want to apply this options to, one at a time
		and turn off the options once you are done, dont turn off ENABLE option ofcourse;
		now you may unpause the game.
	-Planet Slots:
		-Turn this on and all you have to do is move your mouse  over a planet
		this work on all planets Yours/Neutral/Enemy
		-Also if you have a system selected and you turn this code on it may give
		all the planets in that system this option
PLANET Options:
	- The first 3 options give you the corresponding amount of resources but be careful
	they may start to go in your bank; reducing the amount
	- All the CAP options just increases your planets cap for that resource
	- Regeneration Options are meant to increase your resources at a vary fast rate
	- Planet Heal will heal any planet that is damaged just select it and turn the option on
	- Workers Used sets that amount of workers to 0 giving you the full amount back

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