Star Ruler v1.1.0.0 (+25 Trainer)

Star Ruler v1.1.0.0 (+25 Trainer) 
Star Ruler v1.1.0.0 (+25 Trainer)

Star Ruler v1.1.0.0 (+25 Trainer) [Mop]

Text file description:

Star Ruler V1.1.0.0 +25 Trainer
Moping your game with predigest
By: Mop
	-Always PAUSE the game when ENABLING/DISABLING Cheats, some options may not
	work right if you dont PAUSE.
	-Some times a game will not load if any of the option in the trainer
	are on so you may have to turn the Options off
	-Also dont go to crazy with the numbers on the right if you increase or decrease them
	to much the game goes crazy, so you may have to figure out what the
	limitations are.
         	- This option allows you to change planet values
         	- Select a Planet or Ship or Star or any object and click the "ECONOMY
        	 or STATS etc..." Tab and turn on the RESPECTIVE option. Cheats will only
        	 work if you Turn on the Right cheat that is shown on the TAB(stat/economy)
        	 you have open.
        	 -This also will work for Enemy's. Have fun Collapsing your enemys economy.
		-You Have to open the Empire Economic window for this to work
		-Select a planet turn the cheat on it works for any planet including enemies
       		 -Like it says it finishes current research it does not however
       		 finishes any guess/hunch research.

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