Super Meat Boy (+10 Trainer)

Super Meat Boy (+10 Trainer)

Super Meat Boy (+10 Trainer) [Geri]

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This trainer has been made for Super Meat Boy.
It should support most of the game versions, it has been tested with Update 5 and Update 8.
First run the trainer.
Then run the game. (You can start the game with it's own icon or You can use the Start game button in the trainer.)
Hit number keys on the numerical keyboard to turn options on/off. Make sure that NumLock is active.
You can also use the checkboxes to enable/disable the options.
There are 10 options in this trainer:
1. Floating Mode
2. Unlimited Lives
3. No damage from environment
4. No damage from enemies
5. Unlimited Time
6. Fly up
7. Unlimited Jumps for Flywrench
8. Unlimited Jumps for OGMO
9. Unlimited Jumps for Josef
0. Unlimited Float time for Commander Video
Floating Mode: When this option is turned on, You can float in the air.
Jump in the air and release the jump button to float.
If You want to descend, press the jump button again.
Unlimited Lives: Unlimited Lives for the 8-bit levels.
No damage from environment: This option will protect You from saws, spikes, etc. If You fall off, You can still die of course.
No damage from enemies: This option will protect You from enemies. (Bosses can still kill You so watch out.)
Unlimited Time: This will set the timer to zero.
Fly up: When it is turned on, You fly upwards (it looks a bit stupid, but it may be useful)
Unlimited Jumps for Flywrench: Infinite mid-air jumps.
Unlimited Jumps for OGMO: Infinite mid-air jumps.
Unlimited Jumps for Josef: Infinite mid-air jumps.
Unlimited Float time for Commander Video: You can float in air as long as You want.
You can send Your comments and bugreports to
For more trainers or possible updates, check out

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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