Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Game Cheats:

Easy 'Rare' Trophy:
When your total time spent in the forest (Light and Dark Worlds combined) is under 300 seconds and you have completed ALL 40 levels this trophy will become unlocked. If you repeatedly keep breaking ALL your best times across ALL the levels you will find that this trophy will eventually unlock.

Easy 'Nostalgia' Trophy:
Whenever you see dark purple portals in some of the levels they are to indicate 'Retro Warp Zones'. Try to reach these as quickly as possible to earn the 'Nostalgia' trophy as they will disappear a short time after you start the level.

Easy Bandages:
The following trick can be performed in most of the levels to get the bandages easily. Get the bandage, complete the level and then replay the level again to get another bandage, keep repeating this until you have the desired amount of bandages.

Glitch Levels:
When you have defeated the Boss of any chapter a glitched version of Bandage Girl will randomly appear if you replay the levels in that chapter. Reaching Bandage Girl will unlock another glitched level in that chapter.

Teh Internets:
Teh Internets is a feature that allows Team Meat to add new chapters to the game and becomes unlocked when you have collected 20 bandages. Once unlocked a confirmation message will appear on screen and the Internets can then be accessed by going to the 'Chapter' selection screen.

Unlock Brownie:
Brownie becomes unlocked as a playable character when you defeat the Boss at the end of the Salt Factory and then press press R1(3), Circle(3), Square at the 'Character' selection screen and select any character.

Unlock Characters:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.

4 Colour Meat Boy:
Collect 80 bandages.

4Bit Meat Boy:
Collect 60 bandages.

8Bit Meat Boy:
Collect 40 bandages.

Commander Video (Bit Trip):
Complete the Warp Zone in World 1.

Complete 'The Fly Guy!' Warp Zone in World 4-18.

Jill (Mighty Jill Off):
Complete the Warp Zone in World 2.

Meat Ninja:
Have 100% game completion. Note: Leaderboards will be disabled while playing as this character.

Ogmo (Jumper):
Complete 'The Jump Man!' Warp Zone in World 3-16.

The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy):
Complete 'The Guy!' Warp Zone in World 5-7.