Supreme Commander v1.0.3217 (+7 Trainer)

Supreme Commander v1.0.3217 (+7 Trainer)

Supreme Commander v1.0.3217 (+7 Trainer)

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Version 12- Supreme Commander Trainer 1.0.3217
Supreme Commander Retail Version Trainer Version 1.0.3217
March 1, 2007
Version Revision 12
New Feature- Increase Maximum Units!
Hopefully this will help with crashes out there-
Also, this version should allow Saving of Games without crashes.
Also, I added system "sounds" to let you know when keys are pressed.  Don't be alarmed of the new sounds, they are Windows System sounds!
This is for the RETAIL game with the patch for version 1.0.3217, not the DEMO-
This trainer gives you instant Build of Structures, Uprades, and Units
This trainer also gives you Uber strong troops that regenerate health nearly instantly, making them nearly invincible.
Press Shift-A instant build on/off
Press Shift-B Uber troops on/off
Press Shift-C Increase Maximum Energy
Press Shift-D Increase Maximum Mass
Press Shift-E Increase Actual Energy
Press Shift-F Increase Actual Mass
Press Shift-U To Increase Maximum Units by 500
This should work for skirmish and for campaign.  I have no idea how it affects multiplayer-
Feedback Welcome-

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