Supreme Commander v1.0.3220 (+8 Trainer)

Supreme Commander v1.0.3220 (+8 Trainer)

Supreme Commander v1.0.3220 (+8 Trainer)

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Version 15- Supreme Commander Trainer 1.0.3220
Supreme Commander Retail Version Trainer Version 1.0.3220
March 5, 2007
Version Revision 15
I revised the keyboard capture events.. maybe help some peeps out.
NEW! Enable friendly team units to be invincible (toggle on/off)
This is for the RETAIL game with the patch for version 1.0.3220, not the DEMO-
This trainer gives you instant Build of Structures, Uprades, and Units
This trainer also gives you Uber strong troops that regenerate health nearly instantly, making them nearly invincible.
Press Shift-A instant build on/off
Press Shift-B Uber troops on/off
Press Shift-C Increase Maximum Energy
Press Shift-D Increase Maximum Mass
Press Shift-E Increase Actual Energy
Press Shift-F Increase Actual Mass
Press Shift-G Invincible Friendlies on/off
Press Shift-U To Increase Maximum Units by 500
This should work for skirmish and for campaign.  I have no idea how it affects multiplayer-
Feedback Welcome-

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