Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold v6.6.1 (+2 Trainer)

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold v6.6.1 (+2 Trainer)

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold v6.6.1 (+2 Trainer)

Text file description:

                           -*- P R E S E N T S -*-
                    Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold PLUS 2 TRAINER
       Notes On Crack/Credits                     Game Information
  Date of Release  21-Sep-2009        Release type  Trainer
  Nr. of Options   2                  Supplied by   SkidRow
  RlsName          ru-srgp2           Disks            01
                             Important Note
This release has been released in the scene for sceners. If you downloaded this
release from a cheat/crack websites you  should be aware of the fact  that this
release is free  and not meant  to be paid  for. We do  not in any  way condone
sites   that   charge  money  for   material  created   for  copyrighted  work.
cheat/crack  websites generate  both income  in  the  form of  advertising  and
selling accounts  for a  monthly fee.    They are  indirectly making  money off
piracy and  someones elses work. We  do not want  this or any  other release to
be  posted  on  cheat/crack  websites  or  any  site   that charges   money  to
download them.  Dont support the people who makes money off piracy.
 We're in this for the fun, not to make a profit!
                                  Game Notes
 The world needs a leader. At last, your time has come.
     * Over  30  scenarios  spread  across  the original campaign and the
         thrilling   expansion  as  players  march  towards  World  War  III
     * Control one of more than 250 real-world nations and territories from
       around the world
     * Three customizable Single Player 'Sandbox' Campaigns
     * Multi-player  support  for  up  to  16  players,  including  special
       multi-player scenarios
     * Use  high-res NASA satellite imagery to manage your sprawling empire
     * Control   hundreds   of   realistic   military   vehicles  using  a
       sophisticated tactical command system
     * Detailed Tech Tree and Research system
     * Sign  Treaties  and  Trade  for  resources,  technologies, and units
     * Use   Espionage   to   steal  techs,  sabotage  enemies,  and  more
     * Realistic  World  using detailed diplomatic, economic, and political
     * Advanced  Multi-Threaded  AI  engine  and multiple difficulty levels
     * Great   flexibility,   either  through  modding  or  a  limitlessly
       customizable Super Sandbox mode
 Conquer the World
 The US Dollar crashes. In a single night, the world is thrown into turmoil.
 As global instabilities intensify, countries jockey for military alliances
 to secure the world's shrinking resources. In ''Supreme Ruler 2020'', it
 is up to you to you lead a nation in a world that has fallen into anarchy.
 Continue your reign in ''Global Crisis''. Face an even more devastating
 and realistic experience through a sandbox-style campaign that takes into
 account real-world headlines for a chilling portrayal of tomorrow's chaotic
                  Release Notes
 1. Extract RARs
 2. Run Trainer or the Game first
 3. Use desired Keys
 4. Have fun!
 Trainer Options:
 Ctrl + F1 - Add 100 Billion to Cash
 Ctrl + F2 - Add 100.000 soldiers to reserve men
             General Stuff/ReUnion News/Greets/Contact/etc..
 Team ReUnion is currently looking for :
 - talented people that candle DMA,Code-Shifting, requires coding skills in
   C++ or Delphi (no .NET).
 Fundemental Knowledge:
 We DONT send missing files or releases.
 We DONT support non.sceners how to unpack our or OTHER groups (wtf!) releases.
 We DONT allow our releases in P2P, edonkey or any 1clickhoster networks/forums.
 We DONT allow our releases on websites.
 We DONT want site offers.
                     We do this just for fun and competition.
 ReUnion salutes:
  Contact: removed
                      ASCII by the almighty iks/Titan

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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