Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crysis v6.5.2 (+15 Trainer)

Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crysis v6.5.2 (+15 Trainer)

Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crysis v6.5.2 (+15 Trainer)

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How to use:
1. Start supreme ruler 2020 global crysis
2. start trainer and click on search game
3. click the options u desire.
4. have fun and rule the world.
Add 10 Billion $
Add 10.000$ to GDP
Add 1 million Citizens
Freeze tourismus at 100%
Freeze Domestic approval rating at 100%
Freeze military approval rating at 100%
Freeze literacy at 100%
Freeze Unemployment at 3,5%
Keep money over 10 billion $
Instant building build (Disabled)
Instant build for research (Disabled)
Instant build for mility unit (Disabled)
Set Inflation at 2%
Auto refilling production and consuming stocks at max.
Keep military men reserves at min. 100.000
Send max Sat. to orbit
Set social Quality at min 100%
Keep Reasearch Efficiency at ... + Add 100% (Improves the Speed of research)
[+] added [-] fixed [*] updated/other [i] info
[i] Updated to Supreme Ruler 2020 Global Crisis v6.5.2
[+] Added Keep money over 10 billion $
[+] Added Keep Reasearch Efficiency at ... + Add 100% (Should be Player only)
[-] Removed Instant options
[+] Added Keep money over 10 billion $
[i] updated to supreme ruler 2020 v5.4.1
[-] Fixed 1day buildings build, now players only!!!
[-] Fixed 1day research, now players only!!!
[+] Added a Information display. Just for info.
[+] Added Social spending sections quality cheat , it will push hold at minimum 100%.
[*] Disabled 1day unit build, not working properly
Changes:before Nov/2008
[i] Updated to supreme ruler 2020 v5.3.2
[*] Modded the Satelite cheat according 10/10/20 satelite in orbit are enough.
  The coverage are calc. delayed max 100 days :)
[+] Added military Manpower reserve cheat. there alway min. 100.000 soldier in reserve
Other Notes:
Autorefilling of stocks (Be careful with this one.  Selling off trillions of tons of excess
goods is the usual result of this, which sounds goods until you realize this means your
opponents will never have work to produce anything ever again because they bought three hundred
years worth of supplies off you for a nickel yesterday because your vast surplus devalued global
stock prices to nothing)
Virus analyzes:
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