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Syndicate trainer

Syndicate trainer

Text file description:

            The Documentation Group
       Docs By  [Black Dragon]   Graphics  [SVGA !!!    ]
      Date  [22 May      ]  Sound  [SB, Squeeker]
      Group  [UK 48       ]  Rating   [9/10        ]
      Company  [Bullfrog    ]  Comment  [Fun game    ]
 Well, this game is a strategy/action type of game.  You control a team of
 4 brainwashed cyborgs.  The goal is to allow your syndicate to control the
 whole world by doing a mission in each part of it.  There are many places
 you can go to in this game, but you have to start off in the United Kingdom
 which is probably the easiest mission anyway.
  When you start up the game, you will be presented with a number of options.
   F6    QUIT TO DOS
   You will be presented with more options:
     Current                          .  COLOUR AND LOGO
                                      .  COMPANY NAME
                   .  YOUR NAME
     Company  Name
     Your Name
       ACCEPT                                         MENU
   Current Logo - Displays the logo you have currently selected as well as the
                  background colour for it.
   Company Name - Displays the current name of your company/team/syndicate
   Your Name - Displays the name you entered for yourself
   COLOUR AND LOGO - Select this to change the black logo and the background
                     colour (if you want to bother).  Click on the arrows
                     beside the heading COLOUR to scroll through colours.
                     Click on the arrows beside the heading LOGO to scroll
                     through logos.
   COMPANY NAME - Click on this to change or enter a name for your company.
                  Simply type it in and click OK to save or CANCEL to abort.
   YOUR NAME - Click on this to change or enter a name for yourself.
               Simply type it in and click OK to save or CANCEL to abort.
   ACCEPT - Click here to save any changes and return to the main menu.
   MENU - Click here to discard any changes and return to the menu.
  You will be shown a map of the world divided into many regions.  If you
  are just starting, you will have to start with the United Kingdom.
  The different colours of the different regions represent different
  syndicates.  It doesn't really matter which syndicate holds which region,
  you have to get them all to win.  If you click on a region, you will be
  given some information about it:
  Name:  Name of region
  Pop:  Population of the current region
  Tax:  Tax of region.  If you don't own the region, it is unknown.  If you
        do own it, you will be able to regulate it.  The amount you will be
        getting per day is displayed, as well as the percentage.  To change
        it, click on the arrows.
  Own:  Displayed only if you don't own the region and is always blank.
  Stat:  Displayed only if you own the region and shows the people's attitude
         towards you, dependant on their taxes.
  There are two buttons at the bottom of the map:
  Brief (bottom left)-Appears only if you own a region adjacent to the one
                      you currently selected and allows you to start the
                      mission in this region.
  Menu (bottom right)-Takes you back to the main menu.
  Presents you with a list of save games.  Click on the spot you wish to
  save in or load.  If saving, you may enter a description.  Click the
  SAVE button at the bottom to save in the selected slot.  Click the LOAD
  button to load the game from the selected slot.  Click MENU to go back to
  the main menu.
  You can select from a list of 10 multiplayer levels.  I haven't figured out
  what this is for, but you don't have to do it to finish the game.  Could
  it be modem play?  Or just training????
  Starts the game from the same position as when you first load it up.  It
  does not erase the save games, but it simply starts a new game.
  If you don't know what this does, do yourself a big favour and take a
  flying leap out the window.
  Simply select the region you wish to conquer on the map, and, if you own a
  region right beside the one you selected, the BRIEF button in the bottom
  left hand corner will become available.  Click on it to go to the region
  you selected (at the beginning you must go to the United Kingdom), but
  first, some choices:
  There will be a number of options as well as a lot of information at this
                                                    Current Money
                                                       BUY INFO
                                                  Price of Next Info
       Description of Mission
                                                 Price of Next Enhance
   PREVIOUS                           NEXT
        ACCEPT           MAP                           MENU
  Logo - Displays your company's logo.
  Description of Mission - This is where you get all your information about
                           what you have to do in this mission.  The
                           objective is outlined, as well as the general type
                           of mission (i.e. assassination, etc.).  If you buy
                           extra info, it will appear in this window as well
                           (You may have to click the NEXT button.).
  ACCEPT - If you are ready to continue and still want to try this mission,
           click this to go to the TEAM SELECTION menu.
  MAP - If you don't want to do this mission, click here to go back to the
        world map and select another destination.
  NEXT - Appears in the corner of the Mission Description window if there is
         more than one page of information about this mission (especially
         when you bought more info.).  Click here to go to the next page.
  PREVIOUS - Appears if you are on page two or more in the mission info.
             Click here to go back one page.
  Current Money - Shows how much money you have at the moment from taxes,
  BUY INFO - Click here to get more strategical information on the mission
             (Usually more detailed whereabouts of target.), but for a price.
  Price of Next Info - This shows how much money more info will cost you.
                       This depends on the mission and the amount of info you
                       already bought.
  ENHANCE - Click here to increase the range of the radar, for a price.
  Price of Next Enhance - This shows how much money it will cost to increase
                          the range of your radar another step.  This depends
                          on the mission and the amount of times you already
                          increased the range.
  Overhead Radar - This shows a little map of the place you will be starting
                   off in.  It also shows the range of the radar, which can
                   be enhanced by clicking the ENHANCE button.
  MENU - Click here to abort mission and go back to the main menu.
  Once you have all the info you want and increased the range of the radar
  as much as you want, click ACCEPT to go to the TEAM SELECTION menu.  You
  will be given choices on how you want to outfit your team members, and
  what new technology you wish to research.
  CyborgCyborg    Team Member's Name
    #1    #2
                           Level of Brain Current Money
  CyborgCyborg                         Level of Eyes
    #3    #4                             Available
                                       Level of Heart  Weapons/Mods
    Picture of Current
     RESEARCH                            Level of Chest  Info
       TEAM                              Level of Arms
       MODS                              Level of Legs
                            1  2  3  4
   5  6  7  8      MENU
  Logo - Display's your company's logo.
  Cyborg #1 - Click here to select the first team member.
  Cyborg #2 - Click here to select the second team member.
  Cyborg #3 - Click here to select the third team member.
  Cyborg #4 - Click here to select the fourth team member.
  RESEARCH - Click here to access the RESEARCH menu.
  TEAM - Click here to replace or select team members.  First choose which
         team member you will be replacing or selecting by clicking the
         appropriate Cyborg button (above).  Then select the cyborg you want
         from the list.  This is only if one cyborg dies because other than
         the mods and weapons you buy, there is no difference between them.
  MODS - Click here to get a list of the artificial modifications you can
         add to your cyborg.  They are expensive.  You will start with level
         1 mods, but as you research better ones, you can have up to level 3.
         Click on the mod you wish to purchase or get info on.  You will be
         given a description of what it is and does (see below for details).
         You can purchase the mod by clicking the PURCHASE button below the
         info, and the money will be deducted.  You cannot sell mods.  You
         can click CANCEL to return to the mods list.  If you purchase a mod,
         it is automatically implanted on the cyborg you have selected, and
         in the appropriate space.
  EQUIP - If you clicked on MODS, click here to return to the list of
          weapons and equipment.  Click on the weapon from the list which
          you wish to buy or get info on.  You will be given a picture.
          Below it is some information such as Ammo and Range (See below.).
          Click on the PURCHASE button below the info to buy the weapon or
          equipment.  The money will be deducted.  The item is automatically
          placed in the selected cyborg's inventory, and comes fully loaded.
          Click cancel to return to the equipment list.
  ACCEPT - Click here to start the mission once you are done equipping.
  Team Member's Name - Display's the current cyborg's name.
  Picture of Cyborg - Shows the cyborg.  Any mods you may have purchased
                      are shown on the cyborg, but nothing else is shown.
  Level of Brain - Shows which artificial brain (if any) the current cyborg
                   has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Level of Eyes - Shows which artificial eyes (if any) the current cyborg
                  has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Level of Heart - Shows which artificial heart (if any) the current cyborg
                   has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Level of Chest - Shows which artificial chest (if any) the current cyborg
                   has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Level of Arms - Shows which artificial arms (if any) the current cyborg
                  has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Level of Legs - Shows which artificial legs (if any) the current cyborg
                  has implanted.  Blank if none.
  Inventory - This shows the weapons and equipment the current cyborg is
              carrying with him.  The bar underneath shows how much ammo
              is left in the weapon.  Totally white means full, while if any
              black is showing, you may want to reload your gun.  For
              equipment, the bar is always fully white.  Clicking on an item
              from the inventory of any cyborg will bring up the same thing
              as selecting it from the list of equipment.  It will give you
              a picture, some information, and a number of buttons will
              appear under the information.  CANCEL will take you back to
              the mod or equipment list.  RELOAD is only available if the
              weapon is not fully loaded.  The information tells you how
              much a reload of this particular weapon will cost.  If you
              choose to reload it, click RELOAD, and it will be filled up.
              Click SELL to get your full money back for the weapon.  You
              will be given its value back in money, and it will disappear
              from your inventory.
              You can trade items in this screen by dragging the item square
              you wish to trade with the right mouse button.  Release the
              right mouse button on the Cyborg button (see above) of the
              cyborg you wish to give the item to.  If that cyborg does not
              have enough room in his inventory, the item will be put back
              in the inventory of the cyborg who had it last.
  Current Money - Shows how much money you currently have.
  Information Window - Displays either the list of mods or equipment, or
                       information about a mod or piece of equipment
                       (see above).
  MENU - Click here to abort mission and go to the main menu.
     List of                 Research Topic                  Money
                                                          List of
  %                                         Weapons/Mods
     FUNDING +  C         % Complete Graph                Weapon/Mod
  O                                         Info
     Funding    M
     FUNDING -  L
       MODS     E
  Logo - Displays your company's logo.
  List of Research Topics - Lists the weapons or mods you can research at
                     the moment.  Sometimes it will simply have a class of
                     weapon such as "heavy" or "miscellaneous".  However, if
                     during a mission, you pick up a weapon you don't yet
                     have available, and you leave or finish the mission
                     with it, you will be able to research that particular
                     weapon.  Click MODS to display mods here.  Click EQUIP
                     to return to equipment/weapon.  You can only research
                     mods of one version higher than you have available (If
                     you have only eyes V1, you will not be able to research
                     eyes V3 until you have eyes V2.).
                     To find out the cost of researching something, or to
                     research it, click on it from the list.  You will be
                     shown "Max Funding" and "Min Funding".  Max Funding is
                     how much it will cost to research it in one day.  Min
                     Funding is how much it will cost each day to research it
                     in 10 days.  If you still wish to research it, click the
                     RESEARCH button below this information.  If you have
                     changed your mind, click CANCEL.  After clicking
                     RESEARCH, click the FUNDING + or FUNDING - buttons (See
  FUNDING + - Allows you to increase the funding for a research project.
              First, you have to select what you wish to research
              (See above.).  Click this button to double the funding PER DAY,
              and halve the time in which the project will be completed.
              The funding is doubled and time halved everytime you click this
              button.  The maximum funding will have the project done in
              one day, while not clicking this button at all after selecting
              a project will leave it at 10 days (A long time).
  Funding - This displays how much the project will cost PER DAY.  It will
            always cost the same amount in the end, but you can collect more
            taxes before you have to pay the whole sum by leaving it at
            more than one day.  This amount can be regulated with the
            FUNDING + and FUNDING - buttons.
  FUNDING - - Allows you to decrease the funding for a research project.
              First, you have to select what you wish to research
              (See above.).  Click this button to halve the funding PER DAY,
              and double the time in which the project will be completed.
              The funding is halved and time doubled everytime you click this
  MODS - Click here to display the mods you can research in the List of
         Research Topics area.
  EQUIP - Click here to display the equipment/weapons you can research in
          the List of Research Topics area.
  ACCEPT - Accepts all changes or projects assigned and returns you to the
           TEAM SELECTION menu.
  Research Topic - Tells you what (if anything) you currently are researching
                   or will be researching.
  % Complete Graph - This graph shows the relationship between the percentage
                     of the project completed already, and the time in days
                     it will take to complete.  If the project has already
                     been started, the line will be flashing in the area
                     which has already been completed.  The rest of the
                     line will remain the same colour.  At any stage of the
                     project, you can increase or decrease the funding to
                     alter the time and daily cost of the project.
  Money - Displays how much money you currently have.
  List of Current Weapons - This area displays either the equipment/weapons
                            you currently have available, or the mods you
                            currently have available, depending on which of
                            the two buttons you clicked (MODS or EQUIP).
                            If you click on any mod or weapon from this list,
                            the standard info will appear-range, ammo, etc.
                            for weapons and a short description for mods.
                            Click CANCEL to get the list again, if you are
                            currently getting info on something.
  Once you have finished any research and outfitting jobs, click ACCEPT from
  the TEAM SELECTION menu to start the mission.  The screen looks like this:
    #1    #2
    #3    #4
                   T  H  E
   1  2  3  4                A  C  T  I  O  N
   5  6  7  8                W  I  N  D  O  W
  Cyborg #1-4 - This shows a little picture of the appropriate cyborg.  It
                also displays what the cyborg is holding (which weapon) and
                it shows him walking if he is walking at the moment, and
                standing if he is standing at the moment.  Below each
                cyborg's picture are 3 white lines.  These bars control
                the "hormones" of the cyborg.  If you click to the right of
                the white line, a bar will move up to the point where you
                clicked the mouse.  The "hormones" go as follows:
                First bar- ADRENALIN
                           Greatly increases the speed of the current cyborg
                           while walking.  Useful for long walking trips.
                Second bar- PERCEPTION
                            Increases the current cyborg's precision and aim.
                            Important for "can't miss" situations, and useful
                            to have all the time (saves ammo)
                Third bar- INTELLIGENCE
                           Allows the current cyborg to shoot at hostile
                           targets on his/her own.  If you put it up all the
                           way, you can practically walk and the cyborgs will
                           automatically kill any hostile targets they can
                I don't see a point to decreasing the "hormones" by clicking
                to the left of the line.  It seems to have no point
                Each of these hormones is helped by certain mods.
                Adrenaline - Artificial Heart
                Perception - Artificial Eyes
                Intelligence - Artificial Brain
                These mods mostly regulate how long the cyborg can sustain
                the particular "hormone", but to some degree also regulate
                how effective they are (i.e. eyes V3 increase aim more than
                eyes V2.).
                Once the "hormone" has been activated, you can switch it off
                by clicking on the white line.  However, it will decrease on
                its own.  Once it is all used up, the cyborg will
                be back to normal.  The white line may move a bit to the
                right, therefore decreasing the maximum amount of the
                hormone, but after a time without the hormone, it will
                return to its original position, and the amount of the
                hormone will be restored as well.
  GROUP - This allows you to use the whole group instead of each individual
          cyborg.  Increasing hormones while in a group increases them for
          all cyborgs.  Moving somewhere will move all cyborgs, and if you
          shoot at someone, the whole group will shoot (increased firepower).
          If you select a weapon or piece of equipment from the inventory
          while in group mode, the cyborg you have selected (you still have
          one selected) will draw the weapon you selected, but the rest will
          equip the best weapon they have.
  Inventory - This shows the 8 items your cyborg is carrying.  They are not
              always carrying 8.  You can arm a weapon by clicking on it with
              the left mouse button.  The red bar underneath most weapons
              indicates the amount of ammo left in the weapon.  You can
              drop an item by selecting it with the left mouse button, then
              clicking it with the right mouse button while it is selected.
              You cannot transfer items.  You must drop them and pick them
              up with the cyborg you want.
  Mission Window - This shows the mission objective in Yellow letters.  It
                   consists of the mission type (i.e. pick up weapon,
                   assassinate, etc.).  It also shows what the current
                   cyborg or group (if selected) is doing at the moment
                   (i.e. going, using weapon, getting hit by bullet).  This
                   is shown in red letters.
  Radar - This is the overhead map of the surrounding area.  Depending on
          whether or not you have a scanner, or have paid to enhance the
          range of the radar, the radar may show only the close-by things
          or may show a big area.
          On the radar, humans (cops, civilians, etc.) show up as white dots.
          Enemy syndicate agents show up as either red dots or flashing
          yellow squares.  You are big white squares.  The mission target
          will usually emanate waves which will show you on the radar which
          direction the target is.  The target usually also shows up as
          a big white square.  If there are no target waves, it usually
          means you have to assassinate all the enemy syndicate agents.
  You can interact with the action window in a number of ways:
  Clicking on a spot on the window, with the left mouse button, will move
  your cyborg or group to that place.
  To scroll the action window, move the cursor to the edge of the screen on
  the side you wish the window to scroll (i.e. if you wish to see what's to
  the left of your cyborgs, move the cursor to the left edge of the screen.).
  If you wish to follow someone, put the cursor over the person you wish to
  follow.  It should look like a red or white crosshair.  Click the left
  mouse button.  The cyborg of group will attempt to follow the target.
  To fire you weapon(s), put the cursor on the area or person you wish to
  fire at.  If it is a person, you will usually be able to hit them only
  if the cursor is a white crosshair when you put it over them.  This means
  that they are in range of the weapon(s) you are currently holding.
  You may be able to hit them with a white crosshair, as some weapons
  have a large scattering range.
  Destroying cars takes a long time, so be patient.  The cursor will not
  turn to a crosshair over a car or anything other than a person, therefore
  you will have to just shoot at the area, which is accomplished just by
  clicking the right mouse button on the spot you wish to destroy.
  To use a car or train, get into a group and click the left mouse button on
  the car or train.  Once all your cyborgs are inside, click on the road
  where you wish to go.  There are no collisions, and you cannot be shot
  while in a car, though your car MAY be destroyed.  You can usually fire
  from your car on enemies.  However, you may accidently blow up your car.
  You can only make U-turns at intersections.  You can run down enemies who
  are standing on the road by simply running your car over them.  This,
  however, rarely happens since the enemies usually stay off the roads.
  If you have killed an enemy, he will usually leave his weapon(s) behind.
  Put the cursor over his dead body.  The cursor will turn into a sort of
  magnet if there is a weapon there.  You MUST have an empty inventory space
  in order for the cursor to turn into a magnet.  If there is a weapon there,
  it will be displayed in your empty inventory space.  It will be flashing,
  meaning that you don't have it yet.  If you want it, click the left mouse
  button over it, and you cyborg will walk over to it and pick it up.  Avoid
  picking weapons up with a group since I had a number of them get lost when
  I tried to do that.
  General Comments: In general all the mods of one type do the same thing,
  but progressively better as the version increases.
  Legs V1
  Servo Assisted Hydraulics
  Allow quicker movement.
  Legs V2
  Plasteel legs.  Lighter and tougher than metal.
  Enhanced Hydraulics and balance control.
  Legs V3
  Cybermesh legs, plasteel core with synthetic muscle fibre.
  Superb response and balance coupled with speed.
  Comments: Make you walk faster.  Quite useful if no car is available.
  Arms V1
  Servo Assisted Hydraulics
  Allow carrying heavier items.
  Arms V2
  Plasteel arms.  Lighter and tougher than metal.
  Enhanced Hydraulics system and pressure control.
  Arms V3
  Cybermesh legs, plasteel core with synthetic muscle fibre.
  Excellent tactile control and weight loading.
  Comments: Arms allow you to carry heavy guns without walking slower.
  Chest V1
  Metal Chest Cage.
  All internal organs are shielded by heavy metal casting.
  Chest V2
  Plasteel Chest Cage.
  Lighter and tougher than metal version, with better mobility.
  Chest V3
  Cybermesh Chest Cage with Power Shielding.
  All organs are shielded by a low power field generator.
  Comments: Decrease damage taken from enemy bullets.  Regenerate damage.
  Brain V1
  Neural Enhancer.
  Speeds up brain stem response time.
  Brain V2
  Neuro CNS Device.
  Intercepts most low level functions leaving the brain for
  high end decisions.
  Brain V3
  Cerebral Multiplier.
  Connected to compnet gives access to a mass of tactical info.
  Adapted from the military version.
  Comments:  Longer sustenance of the intelligence hormone.
  Heart V1
  Heart Stimulator.
  Monitor and mantains the heart rate of an individual.
  Heart V2
  Heart Accelerator and Monitor.
  Heart rate is almost doubled allowing quicker distribution of
  Heart V3
  Cybernetic Heart.
  Powerful pump with built in system analysis and override facilities.
  Triples output of a standart human heart.
  Comments:  Longer sustenance of the adrenaline hormone.
  Eyes V1
  Vision Enhancer with limited zoom capability.
  Allows near perfect vision even at night.
  Eyes V2
  Enhanced model of V1 incorporating target acquisition and range
  Eyes V3
  Latest neurocybernetic implants, give totally perfect night
  vision with targeters, range finders and threat identifiers.
  Comments:  Longer sustenance of the perception hormone.
  General Comments:
  Cost-how much it costs to produce and sell
  Ammo-how many bullets it holds
  Range- how far will it shoot
  Shot-how many bullets it shoots at one time
  Cost : 5000
  Ammo : 50
  Range: 256
  Shot : 10
  Comments: Useless as a killing weapon, but needed to <PERSUADE> people
  in certain missions.
  Cost : 100
  Ammo : 13
  Range: 1280
  Shot : 1
  Comments: Not very good.  Buy a shotgun instead at the early stages.
  Gauss Gun
  Cost : 50000
  Ammo : 3
  Range: 5120
  Shot : 15000
  Comments: Very powerful.  Fires a stream of bullets, but little ammo
  and unnecessary.
  Shot Gun
  Cost : 250
  Ammo : 12
  Range: 1024
  Shot : 2
  Comments: The weapon of choice for the early stages.
  Cost : 750
  Ammo : 50
  Range: 1792
  Shot : 2
  Comments: Good for long range weapon in early stages.
  Mini Gun
  Cost : 10000
  Ammo : 2000
  Range: 2304
  Shot : 2
  Comments: The best all around weapon.  Unbeatable value and firepower.
  Cost : 35000
  Ammo : 5
  Range: 4096
  Shot : 2000
  Comments: Kills outright if hits.  Little ammo.  Expensive.
  Cost : 1500
  Ammo : 1000
  Range: 640
  Shot : 1
  Comments: Good for toasting enemy syndicate agents.  Great for missions
  requiring elimination of a large number of enemy syndicates, as it
  kills outright if hits.
  Long Range
  Cost : 1000
  Ammo : 30
  Range: 3584
  Shot : 2
  Comments: Good for long range sniping, but weak.
  Cost : 500
  Ammo : 1
  Range: 256
  Shot : 1
  Comments: Allows you to increase the range of your radar without paying
  for it in every mission.  Must be carried to work.
  Medi Kit
  Cost : 3000
  Ammo : 1
  Range: 256
  Shot : 500
  Comments: Restores energy of your Cyborg.
  Time Bomb
  Cost : 25000
  Ammo : 200
  Range: 256
  Shot : 1
  Comments: After dropping it, it will produce a *large* explosion.
  Access Card
  Cost : 1000
  Ammo : 1
  Range: 256
  Shot : 1
  Energy Shield
  Cost : 8000
  Ammo : 200
  Range: 768
  Shot : 15
  Comments: Protects from bullets only.  Has to be equipped to work.
       TeRRaTRoN     We are a fully functioning documentation
     Sen. Members  group, in need of members who are willing
     ---   to contribute something of signifigance
     T-BoNe        to the group. If you're interested, apply
     Slider        to one the the boards below.
       TeRRaTRoN BBSes    Phone Number    Sovereigns
     --  --  --
     Pawn Emporium      416PRIVATE  T-Bone
     Bimbo Palace       416PRIVATE  The Professor
                       TeRRaTRoN MeMBeRS
         Alternate Reality  Black Dragon  Dark Mage
          Grandmaster Flash  Hudson Hawk  Macleod
         Slider  Suspicious Image  T-BoNe  Warchild
               The Professor  The Untouchable


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