Syndicate trainer

Syndicate trainer

Syndicate trainer

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What: Syndicate American Revolt Cheat
By: Hare Krishna/FuCT!
Does: Gives you ten million bucks (or maybe pounds, because it's an English
	game?  Tested with the Nexus "100% full sales release" only.
Warning: This will -not- work with the original Syndicate saved games.
	You can, however, modify it to work.  Simply edit the "debug.dat"
	with a simple text editor, and change the "e 118" to "e 114" and it
	should still work.
How to use: Unzip all these files into your save2 directory.  Load up the
	Syndicate American Revolt game, note which saved game slot you saved
	your game in, and subtract one.  If you saved it in slot 3, for example,
	you need to remember 2.  Challenging, eh?  Exit out, change to the
	save2 directory, and type "runcheat #", where number is the number
	you were just supposed to have remembered.  You should now have a lot
	of money.  Enjoy!
Note: Thanks both to Silver V of the Midwest File Exchange for the points
	and Latrobe Brewing Company (Latrobe, Pennsylvania) for the
	Rolling Rock.
	Also thanks to The Young God and Nexus for the game.


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