Two Worlds 2 v1.3 dx9 (+10 Trainer)

Two Worlds 2 v1.3 dx9 (+10 Trainer) 
Two Worlds 2 v1.3 dx9 (+10 Trainer)

Two Worlds 2 v1.3 dx9 (+10 Trainer) [HoG]

Text file description:

                      _______    ______________________
                     /      /   /
                    /      /   /
                   /      /   /   ____    ____    ______
                          /   /   /       /   /   /  /  /
                         /   /   /       /   /   /  /  /
                        /   /   /     //   /  /  /
                       /   /   /       /   /   /     /
                   \__/   /___/____ __/   /___/     /______/
         The Team from HomeofGamehacking proudly presents
              Two Worlds II v1.3 +10 Trainer *fixed*
     @ Trainer Notes @
       Game Version:.............v1.3  Trained by:..sILeNt heLLsCrEAm
       Release:..............Original  Tested on:.....WinXP/Win 7 x64
       Chiptune:...........Paranoimia  Date:...............09/28/2011
                   Trainer Design by:...sILeNt heLLsCrEAm
      Available Options
         Hotkeys                           Funktion
           @           @
                               Trainer Fixes
               Strange Bug with the Gold and Experience Points
               cheats fixed.
               Fixed also a the Skill Points cheat.
               Big thanks fly out to THEGO90.
               Thanks for testing and bug reporting...
               Shift+F1                Unlimited Health
               Shift+F2                Unlimmited Mana
               Shift+F3                Unlimited Stamina
               Shift+F4                Easy Kills
               Shift+F5                Weight always Zero
               Shift+F6                +50.000 Gold
               Shift+F7                +50.000 Experience Points
               Shift+F8                +50 Attribute Points
               Shift+F9                +50 Skill Points
               Shift+F10               Inventory Items Value = 250
     @ Additional Notes  @
               Unlimited Health
               Your health is always set to the current maximum
               health. With other words... Your health doesn't
               Unlimited Mana
               Its working like the health cheat...
               There's nothing more to say.
               Unlimited Stamina
               Activate this option and your stamina won't
               Easy Kills
               It works like it sounds... :-)
               Higher Weight Limit
               Your weight is always 0 (Zero)
               +50.000 Gold
               Add 50.000 coins to your current amount of money.
               This works every time you open the inventory.
               +50.000 Experience Points
               Add 50.000 experience points. This cheat works
               like the gold cheat. Every time you open the stats
               screen (usually F1) 50.000 points will be added.
               +50 Attribute Points
               Add 50 attribute points to your current points
               +50 Skill Points
               This cheat is working like the cheat for the
               attribute points...
               Inventory Items Value = 250
               Activate this option and sell or drop an item...
               Now the value of this item is set to 250.
               Deactivate this option when you will realy sell
               an item...
     @    Final Words    @
            ---> We are currently looking for experienced <---
                 - trainer makers
                 - nfo makers
                 - gfx'ers
             when you think you are able to support us in any
                      other way... so let us know...
     @ grEEtZ / thx @
             DNA, fr33k, Acubra, giassamarkos, dr.oLLe, d!zzler,
          XeonByte... and the whole German Gamehacking Community
                   Join us at
             A very special thanks fly out to Magic_h2001...
                       Thanks for your *.V2M Player
                 NFO created by sILeNt heLLsCrEAm
                       Last Update... 07/2011

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