Watch Dogs v1.03 (+30 Trainer) [Methos]

Watch Dogs v1.03 (+30 Trainer) [Methos] Watch Dogs v1.03 (+30 Trainer) [Methos]

Watch Dogs v1.03 (+30 Trainer) [Methos]

Text file description:

Watch Dogs +30 (or something)
This trainer was designed for Watch Dogs (RELOADED version v1.03.471).
I have incorporated AOB, but made use of aobscanmodule to speed up script activation. Also, although this trainer may work for other versions, some scripts are going to break (a fix is undecided).
Some cheats are controller-accessible and have been noted as such with a (C) prefix.
There are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out...but hopefully we can get those sorted soon. Regarding the possibility of releasing this trainer for the Retail/Steam version - that is still undecided and will remain so unless otherwise noted.
File check for comparative analysis:
CRC32 - 835C5DB8
MD5 - 9E36C39E20FB47E988B5ECA9A3388B54
SHA-1 - E38F20A2E023A6DCE0C436B5B83B976E03A9145E

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