Rift sweepers Steam Early Access launch Trailer


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Rift Sweepers is a shooting game based on TPS. In this game, players are going to be a Rift Sweeper to protect the world by travelling between many dimensions.

●Co-op: It's Co-operation game from one to four. Players can make a team with up to 3 friends. Players should divide their roles in each mission to clear.

●Characters: This game has attractive characters. the rifleman can move quickly and attack consecutively. The sharp shooter can kill a big monster at once. The demolition is able to use a minigun to explode around him. The engineer can install some turrets and buff his team.

●Missions: This game consists of some missions. Each mission is in some strange situation. Players should find a way to solve to clear the mission.

●Battle: In this game, you'll meet numerous enemies. Players have to avoid their attacks and find the enemy's weak point to kill them.

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