SAINTS ROW – Like a Boss – Ultimate Customization Trailer

We know you’ve been waiting for this very moment – here it is, it’s customization time, baby! We have been dying to show all the details on how you can #BeYourOwnBoss as you rise to power with the Saints, using our most powerful customization suite yet!


Boss Customization – Yep, body, face, hair, clothes, everything you need to create whoever or WHATeveryou want. Be your own Boss. Make them yours.

Vehicle Customization – Gearheads will love how in-depth you can go with vehicle customization, and it’s not just aesthetics – we’ve got upgrades, signature abilities and even engine sound are all a part of the mix!

Weapon Customization – Yes, you can switch up the looks of your hardware too, change the color, pattern, decal, material or just make your favorite loadout look like something else entirely.

HQ & City – That run down church is yours to decorate as you see fit. As you get more powerful, your HQ sees its own glow up, but it’s up to you to add your own finishing touches to make it truly yours. As you grow into the criminal badass you were meant to be, the city changes too – by building your criminal ventures wherever you like, you’ll literally change that Santo Ileso skyline.

Saints & Friends – Yes you can modify how your Saints recruits appear, as well as your friends with a variety of unlockable outfits. You gotta make sure everyone stays on brand, right?
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