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Choosing New Supers in Forsaken:
There are a total of nine new Supers in Forsaken, three for each class and you can choose them in any order you want. They are unlocked by doing quests and it is advised that you pick one that compliments your play style. When determining what subclass to go for select one that you feel will be the most useful based on the way you spend your time in the game.

New Supers in Forsaken Expansion:
There are 9 new Supers in the Forsaken expansion. Each subclass has a new tree in the expansion to go next to the other two and they will offer a different Super ability and some useful skills. Not all of the Supers will be available from day one and will have to be unlocked. Listed below are all 9 along with their melee, perks and Super.

Sentinel - Code of the Commander
Melee: Tactical Strike
Perk: Controlled Demolition
Perk: Resupply
Super: Banner Shield

Sunbreaker - Code of the Devastator
Melee - Throwing Hammer
Perk - Tireless Warrior
Perk - Roaring Flames
Super - Burning Maul

Striker - Code of the Missile
Melee - Ballistic Slam
Perk - Impact Conversion
Perk - Inertia Override
Super - Tundercrash


Voidwalker - Attunement of Fission
Melee - Atomic Breach
Perk - Handheld Supernova
Perk - Dark Matter
Super - Nova Warp

Stormcaller - Attunement of Control
Melee - Ball Lightning
Perk - Ionic Traces
Perk - Pulsewave
Super - Chaos Reach

Dawnblade - Attunement of Grace
Melee - Guiding Flame
Perk - Divine Protection
Perk - Benevolent Dawn
Super - Well of Radiance


Nightstalker - Way of the Wraith
Melee - Corrosive Smoke
Perk - Flawless Execution
Perk - Shattering Strike
Super - Spectral Blades

Gunslinger - Way of a Thousand Cuts
Melee - Knife Trick
Perk - Playing with Fire
Perk - The Burning Edge
Super - Blade Barrage

Arcstrider - Way of the Current
Melee - Tempest Strike
Perk - Lightning Weave
Perk - Ebb and Flow
Super - Whirling Guard

Defeating Shielded Cabal:
When Cabal Phalanxes raise their shield, shoot the circle emblem in the middle of the shield to take it down and inflict some damage. If you implement this tactic you will find it much easier to kill them.

Unlock The Tower:
When you have completed the main campaign and defeated the final Boss you will unlock The Tower which contains lots of new vendors and end-game activities.