Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - Refill Health

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - Refill Health
Refill Health:
While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Health. Then press Black, White, Black, Black, Black then hold A to refill health.

Refill Fatigue:
While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Fatigue. Then press Black, Black, White, White, Black then hold A to refill Fatigue.

Refill Magic:
While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Magic. Then press Black, White, White, Black, White then hold A to refill Magic.

Infinite Health, Fatigue & Magic:
Enable the the refill codes listed and while holding A, press B and exit.

Increase Armor:
A great way to increase armor levels is to use the Health code and leave your character attacked for a couple of hours.

Go to the desert place and look in the guard towers in crates for full bone armor.
In Vivec go in the Blacksmith shop in the Redoran Waistworks and there will be a Drouph Cuirass and lots of other goodies.

Increase Weapon Stats:
1. Buy a weapon with Bind magic Spear, Axe, Sword, etc...
2. Equip that weapons Bind magic to your spells.
3. Cast the Bind Spell. After you,ve cast the spell that weapon will automaticlly be equiped.
4. Hold the Left trigger, Right Trigger, and the X button until the spell wears off. Make sure the weapon you have bound is the one that is equiped at all times during the spell length
5. Once the spell is done check your stats on that weapon. You should have around 3000 to 4000 points on that stat.

100.000 gold:
Theres 100.000 gold in Dagoth ur's Ciridil in a lock 100 and traped chest in the Lorkan Heart Room. It might be hard to find but it will be worth it

Good Armor:
The place to get some really good armor is at Ghostgate. In one of the rooms, there is glass armor and glass weapons. Find out a way to steal it.

When bargaining, never have your weapon out. It makes them like you less and get bad deals while bargaining.

If you want to steal something easily, all you have to do is get the ring of aversion the one that makes you disappear and go into a shop that has the item you want to steal. Even if there is a guard in the shop, it doesn't matter, just as long as you get them to look away from you when you're by the item. You should probably save it here just in case. Stand a few feet back and go into sneak. Make sure their not looking and equip the ring. Rite when you put it on, grab the item. If you aren't caught, make sure you don't sell him back the item. In some places you cant even wear it in front of them.

Tired of getting killed easy, well here is the solution.
1. Travel the swamp from Seyda Neen to Hla Oad. while on the trip a man will fall from the sky. he will be dead upon impact.
2. Take all of his belongings and eliminate the body. He should have 2 or 3 Levitate scrolls on him.
3. Go back to Seyda Neen and then go to Balmora.
4. Look for a trader near the guilds. He will have a Demon Spear.
5. Use the Bind cheat.
6. Now goto Suran to the Earthly Delights shop.
7. Talk to the bar tender.
8. Go out to the mountains and find the man she was refering to.
9. Before you talk to him Umbra , cast levitate.
10. Talk to him and give him a worriors death.
11. Immidiatly jump, you fly a great distance away from him remeber to cast the second spell of Levitate before you hit the ground, or you will die upon impact.
12. Now find your way back to Suran.
13. Head back to him only this time stay up in th mountains and look down for him where he once was. SAVE THE GAME
14. Find a rock that you can stand on near him, one that you can hit him but he can not hit you. Use the Spear Hit him till he is dead.
15. Take his Armor and sword. Now you will be hard to kill.
16. Go back to Balomra and buy the Long Sword from the same merchant you bought the spear from, use the bind cheat and Wah-Lah You are now a froce to be recond with, The Umbra Long Sword Deals out 1-50 points Damage one what or however you strike.

Steal without getting caught:
1. There must be a door close by.
2. Grab the goods
3. RUN out the door and make your way to the thieves guild.
4. Before talking to the guy whos gonna help you, drop your money on the ground in front of you.
5. Ask him to clear the bounty.
6. It will say "---- was removed from your inventory", but in reality you dont have no cash
7. Pick your money up. go steal more

Store Loot:
Ralen Hialo's dead body, Baldera, makes an excellent place to store loot with a capacity of over three hundred items. He can however be overloaded. point the arrow over his body, press A then press the R or L trigger to switch between his inventory and yours. note If you leave too much stuff lying about, thieves will take it. note 2 Other dead bodies tend to disappear, his dosen't.

Enhancing personal attributes to 500 or 1000 or more:
You can raise your attributes speed, strenth, etc... by doing the following:
Use the golden saint soul gem swap to get a "constant effect" setting for an enchantment. That is , use a golden saint to get the setting but then trade the saint out for a lesser soul gem so you can keep your saint but still keep the "constant effect" setting.

Next pick a weapon with enough punch to hold the enchantment.I used silver claymores. Have some fortify attribute spells ready , purchased at the mages guild, and lots of money. These enchantments go for around 5k a pop. Now enchant the weapon with a fortify strength , endurance, etc.. spell.

Now with the enchanted weapon drawn hold R and L trigger and the X button simutaneously for however long it takes to get however high you want. My strength is at around 900 with a carring capacity of over 4000 lbs.

The R L X cheat works with the bound weapons to enhance that weapon category as well as with any already enchanted constant effect weapon.

Note: Anything over three hundred for speed makes the game unplayable, if you do this effect with FURY you will go blind and lose points in critical categories.

More R-L-X fun:
Using the same procedure as above for enchanting weapons with a constant effect spell, you can use a night eye spell , follow the procedure and get permanent nightvision. Or... Use santuary and have your opponents unable to strike you,at all, even ordinators. Or... learn to fly with a permanent levitate...the list goes on

The results of permanent upgrading with some spells however may not give you a beneficial effect. jump for example will allow you to leap mountains but in confined spaces you could become lodged in a wall and forced to reload.

Note Some spells require a lot of enchantment points from the weapon you're working with. the upper end enchantments require up to 50 points just to get started and the only weapon able to handle that would be an ebony staff.

Get away with stealing:
You know how in the beginning of a new game you can steal the Limeware platter without getting caught, well I know a way to get the guard to say "Since you're a beginner, I'll let this one go" through the whole game. After you pick your class, profession, etc. you exit the building. When your outside with the barrel, DO NOT go through the door right of the barrel. Insted go left of the barrel, so your running, pressed up against the wall. Then look right a little bit so you're satiring at the corner of the building and the brick wall. Now start jumping, you should see a glitch in the wall. Keep jumping untill you're outside in the village. You got through without getting the papers. You ask what this does? Try stealing anything, a guard will try to arrest you, but he'll give you the same speech the other guard did. That's when before the guard gets over to you, you have to drop whatever it was that you stole then pick it back up when he's done talking to you. It has other draw-backs, like if you drop something you might not be able to see it. I haven't played alot like this, so it might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Do you want your reputation up 15 and Wraithguard? Well first of all you need Keening and Sunder, a Magic Weapon, a levitate scroll and a hoptoad. Ok Keening is in Odorsal in the red moutain reagion it is right next too Dagoth Ur. When you get too Dagoth Ur look around until you find a statue of an elf with a beard. Go in front of the statue, now look in beetween him and his staff you should see a mountain. Try to get to the top. Once you are up there look at your left and go down and that should be Odorsal. Go inside and turn right. The first door you see, go in it then look for a ladder and go up it. Then just go straight and there should be smoke type stuff, that is where Keening is. Take it save it and leave it in your inventory if you use it it will kill you so get out of the building and save it right away then go to your invatory and select Keening then while presing L R X push B to get out of your invitory and watch your health closely. If it starts to go down select another weapon and go highlight your health and then pres Black, White, Black, Black, Black. Keep doing it over and over until your speed and agility is up too at least 4000 and you will be going a lot faster. It will take about a couple of hours to get use to it.

Now I cant tell you where Sunder is but its in the Red Mountain region in a place and a person/thing is carring it so just kill any one you see in the Red Mountain region then do the same thing you did with Keening and your luck and strength and somthing else should go up. Now do it with Keening until your health is up too 6000 then go to Dagoth Ur and go inside. To get in there you have to find a lever that is to the right about ten feet from this ball type thingy. Push A at the lever then turn left to the ball type thingy and it should be open. Go in the door. Then go into every door with a magic sword and while sneeking until you find Dagoth Ur. Wack him with a magic weapon then go into a different door before, you go in pick up the ring at the entrence of the door the go in make sure that you are still sneeking then go down and find a bridge go on it and you see that red thing that is called something heart. Then wack it once with Sunder and five times with Keening. Then get a different weapon before you die then get off that bridge before it brakes.

Now get out of sneak mode and try too get to the top. Go to the door where you got in from then turn right and look for some pipes. Turn the lever on one of them then get out and leave there should be a a lady that you can see through kind of. Listen too her if you want to, take the amulet and leave. Go to Vivec Temple an unlock the door and untrap it. Dont worry you can do it with any lock pick now that you have Sunder. Then talk to Lord Vivec about everything he has too say. When he gives you Wraithguard say that you will take it and your reputation should have gone up 15. Oh yaeh, the levitate and hoptoad is for if you fall in the hot lava in Dagoth Ur you can levitate out and while your falling, right before you hit use the hoptoad.

Quick money:
A good way to make a lot of money quick is go to vivic and go to the telvani quarter there go up to the plaza and head into the the tower go down stairs to the prison cells and up to the records there you should find a ordinator or two and kill them off, move behind the pole closet to the door where the man can't see you and open it with telkines and a Lock pic. Theres also one in Hllalu vivic and Redoran vivec there is from glass to ebony and daderic, in these places but be ready to kill some ordinators. Take some of the stuff you stole and go to coledra and and into Gharok Manor where there is a skamp up stairs that has 5,000 gold and also give you the same exact price for all of your items.

How to get TONS of money:

In order to do this cheat, you must have a good weapon, high agility, and do lots of damage. You must also be willing to run across a far distance many times. You must also be far enough in the main quest to have to rescue the mage who helps you with the Lost Prophesies

Just before you enter the jail above the Vivec Temple to save the mage, get a good weapon and high agility. Now follow the main quest, and enter the jail as said in the decoded note. Once inside, it almost seems like a cavern. There is a door you must enter to get to the next room. Just before you go in, ignore the warnings and kill the guards. In order to kill them, use the health cheat: Black, White, Black, Black, Black when highlighting the health bar in your inventory menu. Once you kill the guards, take their Armor Indroil or something, I forget the spelling. Save the mage, follow the main quest and then return to Vivec once you are ready. Whenever an Ordinator sees you, he will attack you because you have some of their sacred armor Law says you can kill them if they attack you first so, attack them Kill as many as you can and stock up on this expensive armor. An ebony mace by itself is worth 16,000 gold To sell these expensive things, head to the talking mudcrab... Here is an extract of the code used for finding him:

Northeast of Bal Fell is a a rich talking Mudcrab. He is directly across from Releth Ancaestral Tomb. He has 10,000 gp and buys items full price unless they are broken. He will buy most items. If you manage to find him and you have a spell called Mark use it there. If you Mark it, you can cast a spell called Recall to warp there. Do not kill him.

You can sell your things to him. Because he can't afford the maces, follow this simple process:
Sell him all the armor worth about 9500gp if done correctly.
Rest for 24 hours.
Talk to him again and his money will return.
Buy back the armor, so he has 19,500 gold. Now you can sell him the mace.
Rest for another 24 hours.
Sell him back the armor.

Find Daedric items:
Want to find some Daedric items? Well you can find the Deadric greaves at the dren plantation.And you can find the Daedric boots just west of the erabenimsun camp. In a Drummer ruin.

Full Ebony Suit:
If you want a full Ebony suit of armour and sword. Go to vivci arena. waist works, and enter arena training area. Kill the drill master and take the armour and sword. You might have to use the health cheat.

Full Daedric Suit of armor/helmet:
First you need to make 3 spells.
1. Damage strenght 1pt 1ft on target soultrap 1pt on target
2. Damage strenght 100pt on target works best
3. Desintergrate armor 100pt on targetworks best
Next go to Tel Fyr and find Divayth Fyr you will need to use levitate to get to him Do not kill him or you will doom the world. Now cast damage strsoul trap wait till you see a pink ring around him. Then cast damage str 100pt until he doesnt move. Then cast desintergrate armor 100pt. until he is not wearing any armor. Now he is holding the armor, not wearing it, so all you have to do is pick pocket him I found that if you turn invisible then do it it works better. Repair the armor then equip. Now you have a full daedric suit of armor/helmet.

Easy money,a good weapon, and a strong summoning:
To use this cheat, your conjuration and magica must be high. Go to Balmora and go to the mages guild. Join the mages guild and get 1 advancement. Talk to Ranis Atheris and get the bound long bow spell. Now go down stairs and talk to the dunmer dude. Get the levitate spell. Go up stairs to the enchanter and by at least 3 soul trap scrolls or get the soul trap spell and a almsive intervention scroll. Now go outside to the blacksmith and buy some arrows. Go back outside and use the bind cheat. Go back to the mages guild and go downstairs to the teleporter. Go to Sadrith Mora. Talk to the people until you find the summon frost atronach. Buy it. Now go to Tel Fyr you'll go there on the main quest to cure your corpose disease. When you get there, go upstairs. When you get to the top, look. You'll see a hole. Cast levitate. Go in the room with the selves. SAVE THE GAME. Make sure no one is looking and steal the soul gems. Use your almsive intervention scroll.

Find you're way to Ald'Ruhn. Go to the mages guild. Go to the bottom floor. You should see a woman and a door. Open the door and walk inside. Get out your bound longbow and your frost atronach. Use soul trap on the frost atronach and take a couple of steps back. Shoot the frost atronach with the your bound longbow. You should kill it in two hits. Walk over to the enchanter and barter with her. Sell your frost atronach but don't press B. Buy her enchanted items until you're sell money is real low. Press A and buy. Rest for a day. When it's done loading, barter again. Sell the items you bought until the sell money is to 800 if you're disposition is high, you could get the sell to 680 and raise it to 800 with only 1 refusal. After her money is gone, rest for another day and keep repeating this. You get alot of money real fast. You can also do the missions for Ajjeri somthing like that at the Balmora mages guild. And when the enchanter comes down stairs you can also steal her soul gems but make sure no one is looking. I have 50k thanks to this cheat.

Increase your stats:
The best way to increase your stats permanently is also the easiest. First travel to Balmora, and go into the dunmer temple there. Go downstairs and talk to either of the Dunmer mages that have spellmaking. Make a spell that has Fortify your attribute by however much you want for 2 seconds on self. Then add a soultrap on target to the same spell. Every time you cast the spell your stats go up permanently. Try increasing willpower first so you have a better cast chance. I have a character than can run across the entire Island in about 5 minutes. 1256 speed =D

More Soultrap fun:
Ok, we all know there are several good ways to enjoy soutrap by combining it with other spells. The one I Like the most however, is perminant item summoning. You can get boots, helm, cuirass, gauntlets, swords, bows and other weapons this way. Just get ahold of the summon spells for the items you want, then, get a soultrap spell. The final step it to find a spellmaker, and make a spell that summons the items and soultraps on target. Then cast the spell and enjoy the knew stuff that never goes away and doesn't way a thing.

Free Stuff:
Go to suran on a stilt rider. The first shop you see on the left, says clouther on flag. In the shop ther will be a dark elf that has bonemold armor its gold, you can steal any thing in the shop without him caring. JUST DONT ATTACK HIM

So you want the Daedric Crescent:
You can get the weapon in 1 of 2 ways:
The first:
The first thing you have to do is go to Tel Fyr. Levitate up to Fyr and on the table behind him you should find the key labeled "Divayth's 637th Key". He won't care if you take it. Next go to the Corprusarium and take the first left you see and you'll run into a heavy dwemer chest contaning a dwemer goblet and Divayth's 678th key. Head back the way you came and go straight across the intersection where you turned left. You will see a pool on your right. Jump in. Hidden under a ledge is a chest containing Divayth's 738th Key. Backtrack again. This time through the gate you passed on right before. Whithin: a half submerged ches containing four goblets and Divayth's 897th Key. Now go back to Onyx Hall. At the golden door, make a right. In the room at the end of the hall you'll find a chest containing 5 dwemer coins and Divayth's 1,008th Key. Now you can go into the Corprusarium Bowels.

Use the entrance that's straight ahead of the Coprusarium entrance, and continue straight until you find a chest containing six goblets and Divayth's 1,092nd Key. Now you can go to Fyr's office in the Hall of Fyr Again, Levitate and open up the small lockbox next to Fyr. Inside Divayth's 1,155th Key and...a Daedric Santuary Amulet. What does it do? Try activating it in your inventory. It will ask you if you wish to travel to Magas Volar. Just say yes. It is a small enclosed Daedric Shine. Whithin, a Dremora named Dregas Volar who has made a very special appointment with you. His weapon; the Daedric Crescent, a nasty bugger that paralyzes you for ten nasty seconds. Just use the health cheat and wait for it to run out of charge. When he's dead, you're zapped back to Fyr's office and the amulet is replaced by he crescent. You can then open the final chest next to Yagrum Bagarn and be the next owner the warhammer Volendrung.

The Second:
If you managed to grab a skeleton key or a skilled lockpick, you can cut right to the chase and unlock the lockbox first.

New Dialog:
I believe this only works for game of the edition on xbox, this isn't a cheat, per say, but it is extemely interesting. OK, from dagon fel travel west to a very very small island on your map. There is one of those cat people just chilling on the island all by himself, exept for a chair and fishing pole. When you first talk to him the only talk options are Almalexia and solith...that ice island I forgot how to spell. Select the ice island one and a whole new dialog thing apears, the topics are now multiplayer, nudity, talking mudcrabs, some sunken ruins and much more these topics cannot be talked about with anyone else in the game It is really cool but hard to find because the island is very small.

Easy way to make money:
I found out where you can get your money quadroapled. Go to dren plantation, then go to the house with the ebony and deadric stuff but instead of going upstairs go downstairs. Pick the lock, I think its 60 or something like that, then go through the next door. 2 people will attack you so kill them. They have glass weapons worth 6500 each and a weapon with 4100. Here comes the money part. Open the dresser and you will see gold. There will be the same amount of gold in the dresser as you have in your pocket so take it, now your money is doubled. Now go to the chest right next to it. There will be the same amount of gold as you have in your pocket too Plus when you go upstairs you can steal the deadric and ebony stuff but you will have to be careful, there is a tough guy guarding it. Note: Ive only tried this once so Im not sure if this will work for everyone.

Get Full Glass:
First buy a bow and alot of arrows. Next go to ald rhun, go in the fighters guild then go to the left and down the stairs. Go find ergnir. Hide behinde the table and shoot him. He may hit you or he may not if he gets stuck or not. After killing him go straight ahead. Find Percius Mercius. If you can, pick pocket a key from him if you cant shoot him. Hide behind table and kill him. Take his key then go to the locked door. Open the chest and there will be glass chest, legs, hemet, almost full orc.

Next go ot suran, you will need more arrows. Find buld gra marp an orc in glass and orcish armor. Shoot her. Jump onto the pawn brokers shop and kill her then take her glass or orcish armor. For orcish helmet go to the simtis shop in suran and behind him is a orcish hemet and some other armor.

To get alot of money, first go to Balmora. Then go to where the manors are, I think the west part. Go all the way to the top and you should see a building with 2 doors on it, go up to it. Look straight at the doors and turn to the right until you see a tree, and on the other side is house of some famous guy. Go inside the front door and he'll be standing in the top right corner by the half circle bar table. If you have good sneak you can steal a key and then kill him or do it my way and just kill him. I didn't get caught but you might but just kill him and get everything of his. Then the house is yours. The key goes to the door at the top floor with I think a lvl 60 in security, just click on it if you have the key, and there you go. Now steal everything in the house and you can get up to around 800-1000 coins.

A Quick 10,000:
First, you must be able to withstand many blows, or have lots of health potions, or do the unlimited health cheat. Ok, go to Dagon Fel. There is a small mercantile there. Inside is a man and a woman. The woman is a Nord. She is very easy to kill. Kill her. The merchant will not interfere, In fact he will buy some of the small trinkets that you took from her. But the real interest is her sheild. It is worth 13,000. Go to the island of the talking mudcrab and sell it to him. you will only get 10,000 for it, but it is a quick and easy way to get lots of money, quick.