Hard Truck 2 - Various Cheats

Hard Truck 2

Various Cheats

Pause gameplay and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
hardtruckisthebest Money and License
wininalottery Money and License
openallroads Open All Roads
advancedmap See Hidden Containers on Map
freerepair Free Repairs press Backspace
freerecover Free Recovery press Ctrl 5
fillup Unlimited Fuel
minesoff All Mines Disappear

Using cheat codes to play a game is an unsupported modification. TechnicalSupport cannot answer questions relating to their use. Cheat codes are developedand used by game programmers for debugging purposes. They are provided bypopular request and are "as is".

Basic cheats-
Make a back up of the CONFIG.CFG file in "C:Program FilesHard Truck 18Wheelsgameusr"

Edit the CONFIG.CFG file in "C:Program FilesHard Truck 18 Wheelsgameusr"

In the CONFIG file, look for the line "uset gconsole" and change the 0 to a 1This enables the game console.

Save the CONFIG.CFG file.

Run HT18WoS.

In the game, press the tilde key to display the console. Type the followingcheats do not include the quotation marks.

"Cheat truck x" changes the truck. X is 1-6. The default truck in the West andMidwest is 2, the default truck in the Mountains is 1.

"Cheat skill X" changes your rating. X is 1-4.

"Cheat money x" allows you to set the amount of money you have. X is the dollarvalue.

Press to close the console.


sends you flying forward, backward, up, and down. ctrl 1, 2, 3, 4.
Submitted by Erich