James Bond: 007 Agent Under Fire - Secret Passage


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What You get Finish this Level With this rank
Golden CH-6 Precious Cargo Gold
Golden grenade power-up Night Of The Jackal Gold
Golden clip power-up Cold Reception Gold
Golden bullet power-up Poseidon Gold
Unlimited car missiles Dangerous Pursuit Gold
Unlimited Golden gun ammunition Evil Summit Gold
Rapid fire power-up Fire And Water Gold
Lotus Esprit car Streets Of Bucharest Gold
Regenerative armor power-up Mediterranean Crisis Gold
Stealth Bond skin in for multi-player Dangerous Pursuit Platinum all 007 icons
Golden accuracy power-up Bad Diplomacy Gold
Golden gun in for multi-player Precious Cargo Platinum all 007 icons
Golden Gun Trouble In Paradise Gold
Rocket Manor for for multi-player level Trouble In Paradise Platinum all 007 icons
Guard skin in for multi-player Cold Reception Platinum all 007 icons
Cyclops Oil guard skin in for multi-player Poseidon level Platinum all 007 icons
Carrier guard multi-player skin Evil Summit Platinum all 007 icons
Poseidon guard skin in for multi-player Mediterranean Crisis Platinum all 007 icons
Alpine guard skin in for multi-player Streets Of Bucharest Platinum all 007 icons
Full arsenal in for multi-player Forbidden Depths Platinum all 007 icons
Gravity boots in for multi-player Bad Diplomacy Platinum all 007 icons
Viper gun in for multi-player Night Of The Jackal Platinum all 007 icons
Calypso gun in for multi-player Fire And Water Platinum all 007 icons

Secret Passage

In the level called "Cold Reception", go to where you find the blueprints. Go to that picture of a girl and hit the "A" Button The door will open and you can get body armor and a huge gun.

How to get mrl-22 in "trouble in paradise"

First enter through the ventilation tower with your Q-claw then jump down onto the floor but stay behind the guy typing on the computer then get out your fist and punch him from behind then you will see a red key card on the desk pick it up decrypt the door in front of the computer walk over to the amory door and there will be a slot to stick the keycard into then the door will open and a rocket launcher and 4 grenades will be in there. ENJOY

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