Monster Hunter Freedom - Pet pig

Monster Hunter Freedom - Pet pig
Pet pig:
Near the beginning of the game, look for a pig following a man around the village. Stroke it and music will play. As soon as the music stops, press X and the pig will become yours.

Revenge Of The Garuga quest glitch:
Start the Revenge Of The Garuga quest. Take only your weapons, armor, and one Spiderweb. Once the quest is started, go directly to Area 7 going through Areas 1 and 8. Talk to the little man in Area 7 and he will give you a special mushroom for your Spiderweb. Accept the offer, then just sit and wait until time runs out. It will say that you have completed the quest. The next time you try the quest you will not be able to do this trick. However, if you kill Garuga, who only has one third of his normal life because of the glitch, you can do the glitch again. Afterwards you must kill him and repeat the process again to get Garuga armor, weapons, and lots of money.

Training School:
Unlock the Level 2 missions from the town sage and successfully complete The Great Jungle Kut-Ku mission to unlock the Training School, where you can fight against the Kut-Ku with limited weapons, armor, and items. When you defeat other powerful monsters, you will have the option to train against them.

Completing the Deliver The Egg quest:
Take out all the potions and rations. It is also recommended to bring some well done steaks. Go to Area 2 and kill every Velocoprey that jumps in there. This may take awhile and require some potions. After you kill them, go to Area 3 then to Area 4. You will see a scene where the Ratholos swoops in. As soon as it quits, crouch down by pressing X. After that, walk slowly behind the nearest big rock and try to watch the Ratholos, but make sure he cannot see you. If done correctly and you keep out of his sight, he will fly off. Stand up and run for Area 5. When you get there, kill all the Velocoprey. There should only be four of them. An intermission sequence will show you where the nest is located. Once the Velocoprey are dead, go up to the nest. Do not get the egg yet. Instead, eat all you rations or well done steaks. Search the nest to find the egg. Note: Watch your stamina; if it goes all the way down you will break the egg. Also, if you are attacked or try to use an item the egg will fall and break. You should now have an easy way back to camp. Go to Area 4 then Area 3. Be careful, as Ratholos may be in any of these areas at any time. If you see him, run back to the previous area and wait for him to leave. Sometimes if you go back to Area 2 after the Velocoprey are killed, there will be one straggler. However, most of the time if you killed them all before you should be safe. Just watch out for the Vesipod. From Area 2 go to Area 1. Then go to the camp. Go to the delivery box and press Circle to successfully deliver your first egg.

Defeating Kut-Ku
All you need is:

1shotgun Azure
2pellet s lv2 max
3clust s lv3 max
4pellet s lv1 max, just in case

start the quest and collect the items you need from the box use the 2 rations and head to area 7 best route is 1, 3, 7. when your there if the yian kut-ku isn't there use the pellet s lv 1 to slay the velocipray. then when the yian kut-ku arrive go to the ledge but dont climb it draw the yian kut-ku there when its there climb up and stand back. switch to your pellet s lv2 and fire all 60 shots at the yian kut-ku. when your out of pellet s lv2 switch to the clust s lv1 and two shots should kill it

Duplicate items:
Play with two players and get all the items you want to trade, then go to the online gathering hall. Give all the items you want to the other player. Note: There are some items you cannot trade. Turn off the game without saving while the other player stays in the online gathering hall. Turn on the game again and you will have all the items that you gave away. Get back all the items you gave the other player and you will have doubled your items.

Avian Master of Jungle:
Encounter Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest.

Blue Hunter:
Encounter Velociprey in "Your First Monster Hunt" quest.

Encounter Monoblos in "Horn of the Monoblos"

Diablos Ecology:
Defeat Diablos in "The Diablos"

Divine Providence:
Encounter Rathalos in the Rathalos Urgent quest.

Easy money:
Successfully complete all Level 1 quests. Then, talk to the man near your house. He is to the left of the south entrance. He will let you go to the Koto farm. Once there, do everything you can mining, fishing, etc., then leave and sell the items you obtained. Then, go to the wise person but do not talk to him. Instead, look behind him. You will see a house. Try going in the offline hall. When you get there, you will see lots of things. Talk to the girl with the red dress in between the wise old man and the girl in the blue dress, and she will give you a list of quests. Go to the top and choose the easiest level. One of the missions will be a gathering mission, but nothing for you to gather. Choose it and start the quest. Go to the supply box and get Paw Print out of it. Deliver it to the other box and you will have completed the quest. Once you are back in town, go to the Koto farm and get more items. Sell them and repeat the process again. This is an easy way to make money, and is also a good way to help renovate the Koto farm.

Successfully complete all Level 1 quests. Then, select the last mission. You will need 200Z for the mission fee and one or two picks. Start the mission and get the supplies and eat the meat to get more resistance. Follow this route 2 to 5. If you find an Gendrome here, kill it. Then, go 10 to 11. On 11 you will need to mine to get the crystal. Then, return from the same route. From 10 run straight to 5. Run in zigzags to 2 walk or run. There is nothing here that can attack you except for the Gendrome sometimes. At 1, deliver the crystal and you will get the 3000Z and 200 multiplied by 2Z of the fee.

Do the Gathering quest for Forest/Hills, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass ticket in the supply box. In the supply box, grab your map and your Paw Pass Ticket. Go to Area 2 and search around the first rock you see on the left when entering from Area 1. You will get either a Kut-Ku Scale or a Paintberry. Just sell the Kut-Ku Scales for easy money.

Do the Gathering quest for Swamp in the Four Star guild quests, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass Ticket in the supply box. Bring pickaxes, and if you are bringing Iron, bring four because they will constantly keep breaking. To get good money, enter all the caves and mine all the areas. You can get ores such as Dragonite, Union, Machalite, etc. Sell them or keep them for smithing.

How to beat the Yian Garuga:
When you get to the Yian Garuga level, you must go to area number 7. You must wait until the time limit is expired. You must stay in area number 7 for the entire period. You can do anything in area 7. When time expires, it will say "You have won the battle". You will return to the village, and you must do the mission again. When you find the Garuga, you must fight him. He will die after a few hits.

Fight Past Enemies:
If you kill the kut-ku you unlock a training ground where you fight the monsters and creatures you have fought in the past.

Gravios Ecology:
Defeat Gravios in "The Terror of Gravios".

How to Get Alchemy:
To get Alchemy, you must have certain types of armor. For your helmet, you must get HUNTER'S HELMET. For your plate, you must get BATTLE MAIL. For your Gaunlets, you must get CHAIN VAMBRACES. For your Tasset, you must get VELOCIPREY TASSET. Your Leggings can be anything. Remember to register this as one of your equipment sets. I don't know how to get the burnt meat into raw meat sorry.

How To Get More Space for Your Box:
To get more space for your box you must have at least ten thousand zen. You can ask the lady that sells stuff in the gathering hall or the guy that walks around with the huge backpack. You have to buy the Organizer Guide and/or the Backpacker Guide. You will get 1 or 2 extra boxes depending on if you buy one or both.

How to Get More Stuff From the Rewards:
To get more stuff from the rewards, you need a weapon that can block. A Great Sword or Sword will work fine. When you finish a quest, it will say 20 or 1 minute time until you return to the village or something like that. During that time, you should block. Keep blocking until the rewards screen shows up. This cheat will work only about 50 of the time.

How to slay the Fatalis:
This cheat is a little hard. It may be harder to slay him this way if you do not know how to use your kick tecnique. You must kick him 50 times and he will become blinded. Then slay him, and you will get your reward.

Khezu Ecology:
Defeat khezu in "Attack of the Cave Wyvern".

King of the Heavens:
Encounter Rathalos in the One Star egg carry quest.

Lao-Shan Lung:
Encounter Lao Shan Lung.

Legend of Black Dragon:
Encounter Fatalis.

Menace in the Sand:
Encounter Cephladrome in the "Land Shark" quest.

Plesioth Ecology:
Defeat Plesioth in "Water Wyvern of the Desert".

Poison of the Swamp:
Encounter Gypceros in the swamp.

Rathian Ecology:
Complete "The Fierce Flaming Rathian" quest.

Repel Lao Shan Lung:
To repel Lao Shan all you have to do is fight him until he gets to the fortress and use the Dragonator against him. After it happens just keep attacking him and he will walk away and you will win the battle.

Encounter Velocidrome in the "The Formidable Velocidrome" quest.

Supreme Ruler Inferno:
Encounter Gravios.

The Lone Black Wolf:
Encounter Yian Garuga in the slay 20 Velociprey quest.

The Phantom Beast:
Encounter Kirin.

The Ancient Piscine:
Encounter Plesioth.

Volcanic Zone Gathering Quest:
Do a gathering quest at the volcanic zone. Bring Old, Iron, and Mega Pickaxes. There are mining points in areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. There is one mining point in areas 1, 2, and 5. Area 3 and 4 has two mining points. Only area 8 has three mining points.

White Shadow Darkness:
Complete "Bring me a khezu"

Encounter one of the following monsters to unlock the corresponding movie in the gallery:

Avian Master of Jungle: Yian Kut Ku in the Great Jungle Kut Ku quest
Blue Hunter: Velociprey in Your First Monster Hunt quest
Divine Providence: Rathalos in the Rathalos Urgent quest
King of the Heavens: Rathalos in the One Star Egg Carry quest
Lao-Shan Lung: Lao Shan Lung
Menace in the Sand: Cephladrome in the Land Shark quest
Poison of the Swamp: Gypceros in the swamp
Shepard: Velocidrome in the The Formidable Velocidrome quest
Supreme Ruler Inferno: Gravios
The Lone Black Wolf: Yian Garuga in the Slay 20 Velociprey quest
The Phantom Beast: Kirin
The Ancient Piscine: Plesioth

Strongest sword:
If you get the rusted great sword from the stone, DONT throw it away. If you up-grade it a lot, it will become the strongest sword in the game.

Changing weapon status while not changing its graphics:
Say that you have a G Sword. Then set an Equipment Set that has the weapon with a Bowgun or any kind. Go to Equipment Set and when it says Change Equipment? press O X at the same time. Then you can see the G sword shooting bullets It sometimes doesn't work your game might freeze.

Get Fatalis Armor:
If you havent beet Fatalis listen up Try to get the Garuga armor because its really good. Then get the Garuga G. sword and go up against Fatalis. You will have a 85.9 percent chance of defeating him. Once he is defeated, get all his carvings and go to the man who makes you armor. Fatalis' Armor should be on there. If not you'll have to get more carvings. This is the best armor in the game

Easiest Beginner Kirin defeat:
Use a really strong armor and that is quite resistant to thunder. The best/easiest way which most people use is using the Flame/Blazing Falcion. It should take him down fast. Just try to avoid his hits and learn the tactics.

Easy Rathalos Kill for melee weapon users:
Use a weapon with good water attribute. If you havent got one go get one or if your facing him for the first time so you cant get one use your highest attack weapon. Use armour with a good fire resistance. Bring potions, Large barrel bombs, Small Barrel bombs, whetstones and enything else you want to take.

To kill the rathalos easily first cut off his tail. Easy to do just keep on hacking at it and itll come off easily. Carve from it if he leaves but this probably wont happen so keep hacking at his head until the horns things fall off. If you want rathalos claws in the reward used for weapons like Redwing cut at the wing until the claws at the end fall off. After that if get in between his legs and hack him to pieces whilst dodging his attacks. He may fly off to sleep. If this happens wait until he falls asleep then plant 2 Large barrel bombs by his head and set them off with a small barrel bomb. When he wakes up continue to hack at him.

Lao HR2 Defeat:
Stuck on HR2 wanting to get on HR3? Lao-Shan lung stopping you? Don't worry. You don't HAVE TO kill him, he runs away.

This is a really good way to win:
- Eternal Strife from a Rustsone, you'll need 120 Earth Crystals and luck.
- Any armour with HIGH WIND RESISTENCE skill. Would go for Monodevil Palte & Helmet with Torso Vembraces, Tasset & Greaves.
- As many Large Barrel bombs as possible bring gun powder and Large barrels with Book of Combo's, 1 2 & 3 if needed. Or bring Barrel Bomb with you DON'T FORGET THE SMALL ONES TO SET BIG ONES OFF.
- 20 Whetstones
- Potions/Mega Potions if needed
- Well-done steaks/ Stamina food if needed.

Now, get the following out of the Item Box:
- Ballista pick up one more next tpo the cannon balls
- Ration
- Mini Whetstones
- First-Aid Meds
- Life Powders
- And whatever else you can/ wanna get just incase.

Now, get into area 2, wait for Lao, hit his head keep doing combo. Hit hit hit. When he's gonig go for his weakspot, his belly.

- Do this until you get to Area 5.

Now, when you're in Area 5 with Lao get your Ballista set up, press R to aim, and as soon as you see Lao's head in the fog, put your Aim OVER his head, then shoot and repeat. It hits his back and it hurts.

Now, get down the wall, attack Lao until you did combo/ 5 hits, then QUICKLY get back up the Ladder, and the wall. Note: He might scream/ roar/ whatever you call it while you're climbing so you'll go fying. But go back up after

As soon as he's about to hit the wall, use the DRAGONATOR Red Button/ Spikes in wall with CIRCLE. If you miss you'll probably have to retry the quest.

Then just jump down and attack HIS LEFT leg WHEN HE'S ON 2 FEET/ standing up because it doesn't move when he hits the wall. While he's moving when he's standing, get his belly. When he's down, get his head, block the Roaring, attack, make sure not to be hit.

KEEP DOING THIS 'TIL TIME IS UP, THEN YOU'LL HAVE A MESSAGE SAYING "You won the battle". And he runs away.

To kill monster fast, use combinations with your weapons. For example Triangle, Circle then Triangle Circle. Also use the weapon with the attribute that the monster is most effective against. Different weapons like sword & sheild, lance, bowgun, hammer, or Great Sword. Different weapons can do different damage and have worse/better advantages against different monsters.