Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch


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Easy 'Head Otter' Achievement:
In the 'World Of Kelp' level stop the Kelps that your sons shoot at you with an otter figure. You will get the Achievement when this mini-game finishes and you pick up the otter's head and place it on your head.

Easy 'Everybody Loves Joe' Achievement:
Once you get the Shark costume from Joe you will find some Biologists in the break room. If you go to every Biologist in the large room that leads into the cafeteria you will get the Achievement.

Easy 'Secrets Of The Deep' Achievement:
When you find the Biologist in the 'Deep Dark Sea' level Stacy will ask you for the shake light. If you continue walking ahead before giving it to her you will find the jellyfish collection and get Achievement.

Easy 'Oh Captain, My Captain' Achievement:
If you approach every sailor at the ship once you have obtained the captains uniform you will get this Achievement. Note: Ensure the sailors are talking to you and not to each other and you also need to talk to the sailor who you stole the coffee from after going back over the beam crane.

Easy 'Number 100 Dad' Achievement:
If you allow the game to idle until you die at the start of the last chapter 'Hot Concessions' you will get the Achievement once you have died one hundred times.

Easy 'Unacceptable Purchase!' Achievement:
After you have escaped the Chef in the 'Supermarket' level go to the fruit department and take a lemon. If you then scan it at the checkout you will get the Achievement.

Easy 'Trim Your Moustache' Achievement:
If you throw the birdhouse back onto the hook you will get the 'Trim Your Moustache' Achievement. Note: The birdhouse must be thrown, you will not get the Achievement if you just place it there.

Unlock Secret Level:
To play the secret level you start a non-Free Play mode and make your way through the Aquatic Fun Center by sneaking past the scientists. Go to the men's bathroom and enter the stall on the left. The hidden level will start when you sit on the toilet and and flush it.

Unlock Free Play Mode:
This feature becomes an available option when you have completed the game.

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