Thief: The Dark Project - Strategy

Thief Gold HD Mod v0.8.6 Full

Submitted by WhiteWings2000


Various Cheats for v1.33

Mission Skip: Ctrl Alt Shift End

Money Cheat: Add the line "cashbonus" without the quotes in the file dark.cfg.

Starting Mission Select: Add the line "startingmission X" without the quotes whereas X is the number of the mission to start at in the file dark.cfg.

Unlimited Gold

Add 'cashbonus 3000' to your dark.cfg file and load the game. When you're at the Loadout screen press Esc save and quit to the Desktop. Start up the game and load that saved game. You'll have an extra 3000 gold in your purse. Repeat as necessary.


when using broadhead arrows hit enemys around the neck to kill them instantly as long as they dont know your there.
Submitted by mastercheater