Thief: The Dark Project GOLD +2 trainer

Thief Gold HD Mod v0.8.6 Full

Thief: The Dark Project GOLD +2 trainer

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                             - ORiGiN PRESENTS -
                            Thief Gold +2 Trainer
  Supplier(s) : LightBringer            Release Date : 4th November, 1999
TrainerGod(s) : LightBringer            Protection   : NA
  Packager(s) : TKFROG                  Game Genre   : NA
  File Format : RAR                     # of Files   : 01 * 2.88 MB
  Requirements: Thief Gold release of PDM
              Release Information and Installation Instructions
  Read the Application infos and JOIN US NOW!
  Feitures of the trainer :
                           * F7 will give you a huge ammount of unlimited
                                money; note that this gets activated at the
                                first purchase/sell.
                           * F8 will make you invulnerable - this means that
                                you can't die from drowning or from enemies
                                who hit you; I think you can die from falling,
  Big thanks to the coders who left a few NOPs for me ;)
                        ORIGIN News & Application Information
   ORIGIN is now recruiting and on the lookout for store suppliers. If you
   have a fast T1 or above connection, live on the USA, East coast and happen
   to WORK for an Electronics Boutique, Babbage's, Best Buy, or other
   store that sells software, and can be available during the day to supply.
   Join us NOW! Do not worry about your skills, if you can fit the bill we
   shall show you the rest.
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
   We are also on the lookout for individuals connected in any way with the
   distribution process of new software, whether it be software companies,
   store/shops, distributor, publisher, duplicators, game magazine, tech
   support for software publishing houses or hell, even if you're like us,
   regular software shop junkies who pay daily visits to your local fast shop
   or what have you and want to have some good competitive fun.
   We always reimburse the full retail cost of any originals because we
   know that you don't get something for nothing.We're definately
   interested in what you may have to help contribute to the success of our
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
   ORIGIN is on the lookout for an ftp site in TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, JAPAN,
   releases to the FAR EAST and the GULF STATES.
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
   We are also currently looking for several PROVEN crackers and trainer
   makers to join the team. Can you do SAFEDISC/C-DILLA or SECUROM or
   VOB protections? What about quality menu driven trainers?
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
   ORIGIN is on the lookout for FREE hardware suppliers. If you work
   for a company/companies in the hardware industry and have access to some
   GOOD hardware of any type, you may just be the person we're looking for.
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
   We are currently looking for a couple of T1 MINIMUM shellboxes to help
   out the team. Massive giggage is not required, but helpful of course.
   Contact us NOW! Use the contact information below.
                   ORIGIN Headquarters & Distribution Sites
                  **         WHQ                          Earth
                  *          EHQ                         Europe
                  **         CHQ                    Netherlands
                  **         RHQ                        Germany
                  **         AHQ                    Switzerland
                  ***        USHQ                           USA
                  *****      USHQ                           USA
                  ***        USHQ                           USA
                  ***        CAHQ                        Canada
                  ***        SHQ                         Sweden
                  **         GHQ                        Germany
                  ****       CZHQ                Czech Republic
                  ***        UKHQ                United Kingdom
                  ***        FHQ                         France
                  ???        TWHQ   OPEN                 Taiwan
                  ???        HKHQ   OPEN              Hong Kong
                  ???        JHQ    OPEN                  Japan
                  ???        KHQ    OPEN                 Kuwait
                  ???        KHQ    OPEN            South Korea
                                 ORIGIN Members
             Cypher, DaJackal, Decx, DJay, Dungeon, Eurosoft, Faceless, Ice,
             Light Bringer, Lincoln, M. Meyers, Mad Devil, Mad Turnip,
             Megabajt, Metallica, Merlijn, Merix, Mki, Mr. Chavez, Orcus,
             Overlord, Perfection, Recoil, Shades, Shellman, Sinna, Sub0,
             Teacher, The Dark Knight, The Driver, The Tentacle, Viruz,
             X-Con,  and our great North American Division.
                              ORIGIN Senior Courier
                               Moonsabre & Wadood
                                 ORIGIN Couriers
             Blaze, Boring, Darkwolf, Dirtman, Faith, Fertile, Gawajn,
             Mr. Pumpkin, Nailz, PsedO, Redman, Siward, Slick, and Xtase.
      ORIGIN is NOT accepting courier applications, so please don't waste
      our time and yours by telling us what a great trader you are. Unless
      you can also do something that is outlined in the application details
      above of course. Then we could of course welcome you straight away ;)
                              ORIGIN Member News
            Read the News and Infomation above on how to get into ORIGIN
                       your #1 PC game releasing group ;)
  ORIGIN Group Greetz:
  Deviance, Deviance PSX, Paradox PSX, Notorious, Share And Enjoy,
  Paradigm, APC, CORE, CORP, Radium, Laxity, UCF2000, BMI, PWA, Pornolation.
                             Contacting ORIGIN
                Internet Relay Chat:  #ORIGIN on EFnet
                      ORIGIN E-Mail:
                         ORIGIN WWW:  http://origin.does.not.have.a.webpage
                Contacting SHARE AND ENJOY (ORIGINS DEMO GROUP)
                Internet Relay Chat:  #SAE on EFnet
                         SAE E-Mail:
                            SAE WWW:
                              "Who Dares Wins"
  __/|_________   ____________/    /\________    _________________/
_/   |  _/' __ \_/ ____ \_____  \__/  ____/' |___/  _  |' _  _/ ____ \_
.   _     \_     |  _/   /   /,  __/   |  . (_) | (_)    |  _/
 \___|___\___|___\__|_____/_____/  \___|  \______\_____|_____/\__|_____/
       	-  O R I G I N  -  R i S C  -  D R I N K  O R  D I E  -
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

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