Treasure Planet - Be Invincible

Treasure Planet - Be Invincible

Be Invincible

Go to the main menu and press L2, Square, L1, Circle, R2, Square, L1, Circle.

Get All FMV Movies

Go to the main menu and press Right, Circle, Square, Square, R1, R2, Left, L2.

Pick Level

Go to the main menu and press R2, Left, Right, R1, L1, Up, Down, L2.

Hoverboard Controls

To control your hoverboard once you get to the Clifftops, hold L1 to drop your sail this is very useful when there are things that get in your way from above. Hold in X to accelerate. Use R1 to jump Only when your sail is out and use the left analog stick to steer. Please note: when you crash, for instance when you are racing 3 laps against the clock you will have to start the whole race over. When you are racing, you can pick up green energies, some drubloons, and some other stuff too.

Catching Dalilah

To catch Dalilah chase her to the house and run backwards. Once you reach the part where you can see Dalilah, run all the way under the dock and wait until she starts running. Then, run up the hill and when you can, touch her.

Another way to catch Dalilah

What you do is keep on double jumping and you will keep on getting closer and closer then you will get close enough to touch her. Don't try hitting her or kicking her, it wont work and you will fall behing.