Deep Down multiplayer footage is pretty epic

Remember seeing some pretty stunning footage of Deep Down at the PS4 reveal earlier this year? Well now we have some real footage of the multiplayer mode in action and it continues to look fantastic.

As well as being aesthetically stunning however, the Dark Souls/Monster Hunter/Assasin's Creed style gameplay looks like a great mix up of atmosphere and action and it's one of the few things making me want to pick up a next-gen console when they're released.

This footage came to light during the Tokyo game show and shows four players simultaneously battling a giant multi-headed dragon, with some simply stunning fire effects that show no signs of stuttering, even with the mass of particles and debris being thrown in every direction.

Gameplay wise, attacks appear relatively slow and purposeful, meaning there will be quite a learning curve before you become proficient. There's also some mechanics related to the time travelling elements of the game, meaning characters are able to freeze time and seemingly pull in objects from other parts of their world(s).

In the second video we see skill options and variable armour, giving hints at a deeper character progression strategy than simply levelling up and battling monsters. Speaking of which, there is more in this video than just that giant dragon, as we see some one eyed, humanoid mole creatures that hack away with large bladed weapons.

There also looks to be some sort of parry system, which could be interesting to play with, especially in competitive multiplayer.

What do you guys think of the footage? Excited?

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