Tropico 5

Tropico 5


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Easy 'Sheep For Wood' Trophy:
You will be able to get this Trophy easy if you build 12 docks so you have 12 available ships that can be assigned to trade routes.

Easy '... But To Take Part' Trophy:
If you build any type of power plant, a Stadium (Modern Times required), and then issue the 'Host the Olympics' edict you will get this Trophy.

Easy 'Mirror, Mirror On The Wall' Trophy:
You can get this Trophy easily by selecting the icon to access to your family on the lower bar and then choosing a family member and changing his or her appearance.

Easy 'United States of Tropico' Trophy:
If you do the following with the United States you will get this Trophy:

1) Complete you.S. Related missions.

2) Keep a high relationship status with the United States.

3) Use trade routes with the United States.

4) Praise and have a delegation with them through your embassy.

5) Do not spy or expose secrets on them.

Easy 'Globalist' Trophy:

You can earn this trophy easily by constructing 5 Embassies and inviting ALL foreign powers to each one. This trophy can also be paired with the 'For Science!' trophy.

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