TV Show King - Achievementsbr

TV Show King - Achievementsbr


Baby Steps
Objective: Play your first 3-round Classic Quiz.

Objective: Go online and play 2 games.

Fall from Grace
Objective: Finish the quiz with no money after having earned some.

Public Scrutiny
Objective: During the last 5 seconds of a question, switch your answer to the answer that all the other contestants have selected if that answer is correct.

Omega Man
Objective: Win 5 Last One Standing games.

Objective: Create 4 contestants and play a quiz game with each one.

Tour de Force
Objective: Go from being bankrupt at the wheel to winning the game.

Penny Pincher
Objective: Steal over $25,000 from other players.

Objective: Correctly answer 5 regular questions as soon as the answers appear.

Objective: Win 15 online multiplayer games.

Spin Doctor
Objective: Make the wheel complete 8 rotations before it stops.

Bait and Switch
Objective: On 3 separate occasions, lure other players onto a wrong answer, then switch to the correct answer with less than 3 seconds left on the clock.

Objective: Correctly answer 10 �Light Quiz� questions in one game of Classic Quiz.

Dust Eraser
Objective: Correctly answer 10 �Scratch Quiz� questions in one game of Classic Quiz.

Solitary Refinement
Objective: Correctly answer 6 �Quiz Attack� questions in a row.

High Five
Objective: Win a round of �Face Off� 5-0.

Comeback of the Century
Objective: Losing 0-4, correctly answer 5 questions consecutively to win the �Face Off� round.


Objective: Play a 9-round quiz and get every question right.

Time Machine
Objective: Play 30 or more hours of TV Show King