Twisted Metal 3 - Level Passwords

Twisted Metal 3 - Level Passwords

Level Passwords


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Start at Calypso's Blimp with Outlaw

Password: Left X L1 Up Start.

Special Moves

Move Code
Ice Blast Left Right Up
Jump Up Down Left
Back Attack Left Right Back
Freeze Missile Left Right Up
High Jump Up Up Left
Rear Fire Left Right Down
Invisibility Up Down Left Right

Submitted by: Chris Coleman Jen Quinndog83

Unlimited Specials

Enter L1 L1 R1 R1 R1 as a password then start a new game and die. When you return you'll have unlimited specials.

Use Memory Card

At the Password screen press Start 5 times. Begin a game as usual but just before the game begins you will be prompted to save.
Submitted by: Quinndog83

Homing Raining Missiles

Enter Up Down Up Down Up at the password screen.
Submitted by: Quinndog83

Enhanced Napalm

Enter R1 R1 L1 L1 L1 at the password screen.
Submitted by: Quinndog83


At the password screen enter Up Start Down L1 Square.
Submitted by: Quinndog83

Demo Level

Enter Up Up Up Left Left at the password screen.

Another Multiplayer Arena

At the password screen enter Square Square Square Left Left.
Submitted by: Quinndog83

Club Kid's House

At the password screen enter Left Left Left Square Square then go into Deathmatch.
Submitted by: Quinndog83

Sweet Tooth

Enter Circle Circle L1 L1 Start at the Password screen.
Submitted by: Rhonda

Play as Minion in Deathmatch

Password: Right Right Right Left Left
Submitted by: Abra456

Play as Sweet Tooth in Deathmatch

Password: Left Left Left Right Right
Submitted by: Abra456

God Mode

Enter L1 Square X R1 Start as a password.
Submitted by: Don Springer

Fight Aliens

In Hanger 18 go to the switch labeled 002. Turn left toward the blue thing and shoot it. You'll find a transporter go into it to find aliens and weapon pickups.
Submitted by: Brenda

Ice Mode

Up Up X X Up
Submitted by: Link105519

Warehouse 2 Deathmatch

Square Square Square Left Left
Submitted by: Link105519

Infinite Ammo

Password: Triangle Circle Up Right Down
Submitted by: Abra456

Smart Seekers

Password: Triangle Left Down Right Up
Submitted by: Abra456

Massive Force

Password: Triangle Circle Down Left Up
Submitted by: Abra456

99 Freeze Missiles

Password: Triangle Up Circle Right Start
Submitted by: Abra456

Giant Ricochet Bomb

Password: Left Right Left Right Up
Submitted by: Abra456

CPU Ignores Health

Password: Down L1 Down Start Triangle
Submitted by: Abra456

All Pickups are Power Missiles

Password: Start L1 Start L1 Start
Submitted by: Abra456

Flower Power Alternate Clothes

At the Character Selection screen press Left Square Square Square Left.

Warehouse Level

Password: Square Square Square Left Left

Unlock Primeval

Beat the game with Mr.Grimm.At the password screen type Triangal,square,up,down,right
Submitted by Zac


In the dessert level fire at the sphinx face for a suprise.
Submitted by Cody Nelson