Weapons and Useful Items List:
Open the console and type @give (your username)/ (then item id). When you then press 'Enter' you will have the corresponding item(s).

Item id 122

Item id 253

Item id 76

Item id 366

Item id 458

High Calibur Military Ammo:
Item id 1192

Honey Badger (built in silencer):
Item id 116

Low Calibur Civilian Ammo:
Item id 44

Metal Locker:
Item id 328

Metal Wall:
Item id 1091

Military Clip:
Item id 6

MP40 Belgium Rifle:
Item id 1477

Item id 81

Night Vision Scope:
Item id 1201

Portable Gas-Can:
Item id 28

Red Chevron Scope:
Item id 148

Safezone Generator:
Item id 1050

Spec Ops Vest:
Item id 1169

Item id 18

Timberwolf Magazine:
Item id 20

Tommy Gun:
Item id 1379

Item id 1369

Viper Gun:
Item id 1027

Viper Magazine:
Item id 1029

Item id 1041

Console Commands:
Activate cheats to enable a console then enter the following commands (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

Grant Server Admin Status to a Player:
Type '@Admin '

Ban Player from the Server:
Type '@Ban //'

Set the Game Time to Day:
Type '@Day'

Gives the Indicated Players Specific Item:
Type '@Give //'

Gain Indicated Amount of Experience:
Type '@Experience /'

Kick Player from Server:
Type '@Kick /'

Sets the Maximum Number of Players on Server:
Type '@Maxplayers '

Sets the Game Time to Night:
Type '@Night'

Save Current Server's Data:
Type '@Save'

[b]Send Messages with the [Server] Tag Replacing your Name in Chat:[/b]
Type '@Say '

Deactivates the Server and Save Status:
Type '@Shutdown'

Kill and Ban the Select Player for the Default Year:
Type '@Slay '

Teleport 1 Player to Another Player or Location:
Type '@Teleport /'

Set the Time:
Type '@Time '

Remove Server Admin Status from Player:
Type '@Unadmin '

Lift a Ban from Player:
Type '@Unban '

Remove Permit from Indicated Player:
Type '@Unpermit '

Spawn Indicated Vehicle Near the Player:
Type '@Vehicle /

Spawn Zombie Enemies Near a Player:
Type '@Zombie /'