Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Watch Dogs

Easy money:
The high stakes poker game in the north part of The Loop has a big buy in but you can make plenty of cash. While you're not dealing, hack into the camera on the left side of the room and use it to check how stressed the other players are, including what cards are being dealt and held. You can then play your cards using those advantages.

Bonus weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:

Biometric assault rifle
Successfully complete the pre-order Signature Shot DLC missions.

Tommy Gun
Find all QR Codes to unlock the QR Code investigation mission. Successfully
complete the mission to unlock the Tommy Gun weapon.

Perks and bonuses:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

ATM hack boost
Successfully complete the "Palace Pack" mission. This boost increases cash
rewards when hacking banks.

Investigation bonus
Successfully complete the "Palace Pack" mission. This bonus allows more
investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.

Vehicle expert perk
Successfully complete the ULC mission in "The Breakthrough Pack". This perk
allows free vehicles from the Underground Car Contact and discounts on selected cars.

Battery usage:
When using a Profiler skill, it will use the following amount of battery energy:

Blackout: 100%
Bridge Control: 25%
Jam Communications (Signal Jamming): 50%
Lift: 25%
Traffic Lights Control: 25%

Easy XP and Level 50:
Leave the hideout next to the river and train tracks. Turn around, and run to the highway. Kill the civilians in their vehicles to raise your wanted level. The higher your wanted level is the more XP you earn when you escape the police. As long as the civilians stay in their vehicles, the police will not be called. Turn around, and proceed down the freeway until you reach the train tracks below. Keep killing the civilians in their vehicles until the wanted level is full. When the wanted level is full, proceed to the L-Train Station. Jump over the fence, and steal any vehicle. Once you obtain a vehicle, get caught by the yellow scan to send the maximum number of cops after you. Smash through the fence, and drive down the tunnel. Stop on the left side of the tracks, and wait inside your vehicle until the train appears. Start
driving backwards so the train can enter the tunnel. The train will not hit your vehicle. Leave the vehicle, and enter the train. This is where you will be leveling up. When the white scan ends, you will be rewarded with 300 XP for "Police Evasion".

Run to the end of the tunnel while you are in the train. When the white scan ends, wait for the helicopter to leave your area, then shoot the ground to cause the white scan to appear again, giving the cops another 50 seconds to find you. Since you are in an area where the cops will not find you, you simply just have to wait the 50 seconds to be rewarded with another 300 XP. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Note: There are times when the wanted meter will decrease. This is because you took too long to shoot the ground. If this happens, just kill one of the civilians in the train to get your wanted level back to the maximum level. Additionally, Watch Dogs does not autosave when you level up. You have to go back to the hideout and sleep to save your progress. Thus, it is recommended to save every ten levels to a void any
chance of losing too much progress.

Bonus vehicles:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding vehicle:
Vespid LE: Collect all eight hidden burner phones.

How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases:
Method 1: Train Escape
One of the easiest methods for escape involves the raised L-Line trains throughout the city. After raising your wanted level to 5, hop into a train and ride it to safety.

Method 2: ctOS Building Underground Garage
Travel to the ctOS multi-floored pavilion in The Loop. Bring a car to escape through the front door when you have full stars. You’ll also need to be able to activate vehicle blockers and garage doors. Start on the upper floor and start causing havoc. Go on a rampage with your weapons to draw in the police. Continue to fight with the police on the upper floors until your wanted level increases to 5. Once you do, hop in the car and travel to the road directly west of the building. There’s a small underground parking lot north of the train station with blockers and a garage shutter. Drive to the underground lot, activate the blockers to stop any pursuing cars, then hack the garage shutter. Raise it, drive in, then lower it and park. Once you’re behind the garage door, run to the locked door on foot, unlock it by hacking the switch console,
then wait in the hallway until you’re clear.

Method 3: Parking Lot Hiding Spot
Any of the tall parking lots work. After hitting wanted level 5, drive to a high floor of the lot. The third or fourth floor will do. Don’t go to the open-air top floor or you’ll be spotted by helicopters. Stay below a roof and select to hide in your car once the police have lost sight. Sit and hide until they give up the chase.

Rabbids Easter Egg:
In the mission "Big Brother," while you're inside the house, walk into Jack's room (it's on the end of the hall to the left) and you can interact with a Rayman: Raving Rabbids toy. Turn it on and it will make the characteristic scream for which the rabbids are known.

Easy XP Farming:
- When you start at your hideout near the river and train tracks, leave and head west for the nearby highway. Purposely raise your ctOS wanted level by killing civilians while they are still in their vehicles; this is important, as this prevents the police from arriving until you are ready.
- Make your way north along the highway when your wanted level is full until the L-train station is to the west. Head for the L-train tracks and arrive near the station itself, then steal any vehicle from a civilian on the road and allow yourself to be caught by the yellow police scan. Use the car to smash through a wooden fence just to north of the station and drive into the train tunnel, sticking to the leftside tracks.
- Wait in the tunnel and look for an oncoming train. Start driving backward to allow the train to enter (it won't ram your car), then when the train itself is inside the tunnel, exit your stolen vehicle (leave it in the tunnel!) and run ahead to enter the train itself. Make your way to the end of the train. The scan should be white and nearly back down to 0-10 percent at this point; let it run out to be awarded with 300 XP for successfully escaping the police.
- Wait for the helicopter to leave your minimap, then shoot the ground with your gun to trigger the white scan again. Now simply wait for the scan to run out, shoot the ground again, and repeat for another 300 XP each time! If your cTOS level decreases, you didn't shoot the ground fast enough so you'll have to kill another civilian on the train to raise it back up. The timeframe you have to shoot the ground to trigger the white scan starts small, then increases as you gain more and more levels making the trick longer (but no less simple) to pull off at high levels.
- Note that because the game does not autosave your progress, it's a good idea to manually save back your hideout every now and then while farming XP this way.

How to Cheat at Poker & Earn Easy Money:

- To make lots of money, travel to the High Stakes Poker game in The Loop district. This is a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, and the stakes are higher, meaning your earning potential is greater here than at any other betting minigame.

- Sit down in the bar and start playing. But there’s a way to cheat. Look up and slightly left, above the bar top, to hack a camera watching the game.

- From this camera, you can look at each of your opponents and read their stress levels with Facial Recognition. Generally, higher stress levels means the targeted opponent has worse cards — they’re bluffing.

- You can also see at least two of your opponents’ cards directly by zooming in
with the camera. It should make knowing when to fold and when to stay in much easier.

Earning 30,000$+ is easy. Remember to
1.Go to the High Stakes Poker game in The Loop
2.Use the Camera above the bar.
3.Use Facial Recognition to gauge stress levels.
4.Zoom in to see your opponent’s cards.
Use this handy hack to earn big money in poker.

Aisha Tyler easter egg:
During the Campaign Mission "Wrench in the Works", Aisha Tyler can be seen talking to another NPC. Aisha is a well-known voice actress that has worked on many films, tv shows, and games, including Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3. She also appears in a hotel room or lounge talking on the phone. There is a City Hotspot in the City Hall building in the Loop district, and near it an unmarked 'intrude' console which you can hack. Do so to watch Aisha on the phone talking about farts and being followed.

Escaping Level 5 cop pursuits:
When being chased by cops at Level 5, go to the closest L-Line train platform and jump into one of the trains. If one isn't near, locate a tall parking garage and drive to one of its top floors, but not the open roof level. Stay below a roof and hide in your car until the police have lost sight of you. Stay hidden there until the police give up.

Getting three star rank in Chess Survival: Puzzle 1:
In Chess Survival: Puzzle 1, you will face two rooks and a king. To get a three star rank, you must make four moves without getting checkmated. Move your king up and to the left, and your opponent will be forced to waste a turn moving a rook to avoid being captured.

Reputation rank requirements:
The following number of points are required to obtain the indicated reputation rank. You are considered "Incognito" at 0 points.

Protector: 5
Vigilante: 10
Sentinel: 25

Anarchist: 5
Menace: 10

Electrical Sign Hacks:
Hacking any blank electronic sign in the city generates a random message, usually a wink or inside joke from popular culture. Over sixty of these unique massages exist, and appear at random as hacks are activated.

Side Mission Rewards:
When you play and complete side missions you will unlock new skills, weapons, and vehicles.

Complete one Gang Hideout.

Boxberg LE:
Complete 20 Fixer Contracts.

Chrome HP Revolver:
Catch 10 criminals via the Crime Detection System.

Critical Focus:
Complete one Criminal Convoy mission.

Complete 10 Criminal Convoy missions.

Offensive Driver:
Complete 5 Fixer Contracts.

Quick Switch:
Catch one criminal via the Crime Detection System.

Rapid Reload:
Complete 5 Gang Hideouts.

Spec Ops SMG-11:
Complete 10 Gang Hideouts.

Zusume R:
Complete one Fixer Contract.

City Hotspot Badges

There are a total of 43 different badges that can be earned by completing various tasks which are related to the 100 City Hotspots.

A More Perfect Union:
Check into the John Hancock Center on the fourth of July (system date).

Check in at The Chicago Yacht Club.

Architectural Marvels:
Check in at the Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, Chicago World News Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and the John Hancock Center.

Ashes to Ashes:
Check in at the Burned Down Factory.

Auto Graveyard:
Check in at the Junkyard 10 times.

Batter Up!:
In a multiplayer session, check into the May Stadium with 3 players on your friends list.

Best Buds:
In a multiplayer session, check into a location that a player on your friend list has already checked into.

Big Kahuna:
Become the mayor of City Hall.

Bridge Builder:
Check in at the Cermak Bridge, the Bridge Construction, and the Vyvyn K. Turner Bridge.

Broken Rail:
In a multiplayer session, check in at the Abandoned Station with a friend.

Call of the Water:
Check into The Chicago Yacht Club and the Windy City Shipyards within 90 seconds of eachother.

Cemetery Waltz:
Check into the St. Joseph Cemetery at midnight (game time).

Check in 100 times total.

Crowd Surfer:
In a multiplayer session, check into a location where 4 other players are checked in.

Dam It!:
Check in at the Dam.

Double Wide:
Check in at the Pawnee Trailer Park.

Check into the Palin Correctional Center while actively chased by the police.

Getting Around:
Check in at 10 unique locations in the game.

Got You Something:
Leave 5 gifts at check-in locations.

Green Thumb:
Check into the Botanical Gardens when it's raining.

Has Bean:
Check in at the Forever Sculpture.

Honest Abe:
Check in at the Abraham Lincoln Statue.

Jewelers' Delight:
Check in at 35 East Wacker Drive.

Keeper of the Lighthouse:
Check in at the Harbor Lighthouse.

Check in at the Pawnee Mill.

Man on the Run:
Check into a City Hotspot with maximum felony active.

Native Chicagoan:
Check into every location in-game at least once.

Perform your first check-in at any location in the game.

Newly Elected:
Become the mayor of a City Hotspot.

Check in at Blume during a blackout.

Pack Your Bags:
Check in at the Owl Motel and the Crazy Moose Inn within 240 seconds of each other.

Pier Pressure:
Check into the Navy Pier Building.

Power Hungry:
Become the mayor of 3 locations at the same time.

Power of Friendship:
In a multiplayer session, check in to the same location as a player on your friends list within 30 seconds of each other.

Check in at the same location 5 times within a 7-day period.

Romantic Getaway:
In a multiplayer session, check into the Owl Motel with a friend after midnight (game time).

Check in at the Chicago Arts & Sciences Center.

Take Five:
Check in at 5 unique locations in game.

Theater Buff:
Check in at the Ambrose Theatre, the Phoebus Theater, and the Cree Theater.

Top of the World:
Check in at the 3 tallest buildings in the game.

Uber Tourist:
Check in a total of 200 times.

Water Under the Bridge:
Check in at the Cermak Bridge.

We Are Not Alone:
Check in at the WKZ-TV Center during a communications disruption.

Investigation Rewards:
When you complete the following Investigations you will earn you corresponding new vehicles and weapons.

Collect 16 QR codes.

Magnate LE:
Collect and hack 10 Human Trafficking Briefcases.

Spec-Ops Goblin:
Locate 9 of the Weapons Trade shipping crates.

Vespid LE:
Collect 7 burner phones.

Find 6 missing people.

Digital Trip Costumes:

There are four digital trips you can partake in the regular Watch Dogs and each one will unlock a special costume which you can wear when completed. Conspiracy! Can be unlocked through the season pass.

You will have one district and all you need to do is hack ALL the generators in that district.

Complete 129 phases unlocking almost everything in the Skill Tree.

You do not need to get the highest scores you just need to beat ALL 17 courses.

Beat ALL 16 objectives, you do not need to be fully upgraded in the skill tree of the Spider Tank.

Identify and hunt down alien cyborgs.

Shell Cup Game:
The easiest way to figure out where the ball is located is to pause the game after he finishes moving the cups to enable an X-ray which will show you the ball outline under one of the cups. Make sure your brightness setting is not too low otherwise this will not work.