3D Scooter Racing

3D Scooter Racing
3D Scooter Racing
3D Scooter Racing
3D Scooter Racing


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Jump aboard your extreme racing scooter and speed down the tracks in this exciting 3D racing title. Race against 4 computer simulated opponents and try to cross the finish line in first place as you avoid obstacles, soar off jumps and perform mid-air spins. then kick back and watch your race in instant replay mode. Huge courses and highly detailed scenery make 3D Scooter Racing an action-packed and visually stunning 3D racing title.

Features include:

10 Extreme, Highly Detailed Courses
Stunt Racing
Speed Racing
Tunnel Racing
Cliff Racing
Canyon Racing
Uses Fluid Seamless Mesh Technology
Motion-Captured & Hand-Keyed Animation
Normal, Dense, and Dynamic Fog settings
Animated Scenery and 32 bit Animated Textures
Highly Detailed Racer
Normal, Advanced & Expert modes
Realistic Sounds

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