Alien Arena 2008 v7.20 Free Full Game for Windows


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Version 7.20 of Alien Arena 2008 has been released! Nearly five months of grueling work later, and it's finally time to get a release out there. The most signifigant changes are with the renderer, which has not only been greatly optimized, but a host of new and enhanced features/effects have been added. Gameplay was not neglected - new features such as a reward system and anti-lag were implemented, as well as some nice improvements to weapon balance and various bugfixes


1. Added Invisibility powerup
2. Added reward system.
3. Reduced power of vaporizer, and increased spawn time of vaporizer to twice of other weapons.
4. Added weapon inventory display in HUD.
5. Shockwave weapon effects. Increased efficiency of several weapon effects.
6. New CTF flag effects.
7. Added rotating particle effects.
8. Fixed buffer overrun with ps.stats
9. Bots now use alt-fire in vehicles.
10. Haste and sproing greatly improved.
11. New death effects.
12. Bot node files only load at start of level, rather than previously when a player joins.
13. Noshadows option for static map meshes.
14. Fixed "disappearing ctf flag" bug!
15. Added tangent light space vector normalization to per-pixel mesh rendering.
16. Added level of detail system for player models.
17. Bounding boxes calc'ed at load time, performance increase.
18. Occulusion culling of entites, huge performance increase.
19. Added GLSL program management.
20. Added parallax mapping.
21. Added glsl normal/specular mapping for dynamic lighting.
22. Added glsl specular lighting.
23. Removed old fixed functions for dynamic and specular lighting on normalmaps. (some where broken anyway).
24. Changed some skin colors of players and weapons to be more visible(and eye pleasing).
25. Added new water shaders, so that mappers can fake reflections.
26. Added distortion shader to basic water(disabled due to some bugginess).
27. Vertex lerping no longer batched in separate loop, now done inside of texture mapping loop, nice peformance increase.
28. Anti-lag added, backwards reconciliation portion. More to follow.
29. Fixed a few video menu bugs.
30. New weapon icons.
31. Cvar's added to specify log and motd files.
32. Heartbeat's now only re-resolve master if it cannot reach it.
33. Faster image filtering.
34. Rscript optimizations using hash keys.
35. Removed flashlight code.
36. Added support for Linux/X11 clipboard.
37. Linux directory support.
38. Linux windowed mouse fixes.
39. Netname string made larger.
40. Fixed escape character removal in death messages.
41. Names no longer cut off in team scoreboard.
42. New glass effects, now uses a semi-true reflection.
43. Option to place player id's over players, as well as identify flags.
44. Rcon password changes - can now have spaces, and protection against overflows.
45. Fixed bug with random() that caused some dedicated servers to segfault in linux.
46. Rscript optimization - removed redundant loading in meshes.
47. New bloodstain effects using decals. Removed old stain code. Looks cooler, and performs better.
48. Added 3 new maps: Dm-liberation, Ctf-cryogenic, Tca-cryogenic.
49. Better bullethole effects.
50. Fixed fov bug.

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