Duels and Chaos

Duels and Chaos Duels and Chaos Duels and Chaos Duels and Chaos

THE DUELS WILL BEGIN... AND THE CHAOS TOO! After a glowing rock appeared in the city, things got out of control, such as the weather and people, as well as a group of classmates who learned powers from a (very) strange book. Now, they will try to find out what is causing this, as they face each other in the midst of this chaos. Duels and Chaos is a 2D fighting game with retro graphics and a mysterious story. Based on a fanzine, the game has now been reformulated. With a new look, new game modes, balance, in addition to classic fighting game modes, such as arcade, versus, survival modes, and others. You can perform combos, use special moves, super attacks and hyper attacks, play simultaneously with the CPU, or with a friend.