Hadelmia Hadelmia Hadelmia

Hadelmia aims to be the game where roguelike game meets MMORPG game environment. Goal is to be a game where you can be an adventurer, mage, fighter or even merchant who never wields a weapon. Spiced up with complex and dynamic economy system.


Basic Features:
-Character creation
You can make character with name of your choice and put points in different attributes.

Still very basic, but it works.

-Character visual look
Look of your character will change by the gear you are wearing.

Public and private chat, shows online players too.

You can move your character by keyboard w,a,s,d.

Targeting happens with left click of the mouse.

-Melee fighting
Your character will fight/hit targeted monster with wielded weapon.
Hitting will calculate bonuses from attributes and skills.

Looting is simple left click the item on ground and you will see looting inventory and you can take item by doubleclicking the item.

-Selling items
Price will be determined by your charisma and trading skills.

-Buying items
There is few different kind of vendors now, and you can see their goods by left clicking them and buy item by selecting it and pressing buy button.

Healing will happen with endurance skill by time or with healing potions you can buy from alchemist vendor or making potions with alchemy skill, also food will make regeneration faster.

-Eve Online style skill learning
Means no grinding or farming, anything you have to do is just wait to skill training to be finished.
-Skillpool system (if you like to grind)
When you gain any experience, you also gain skillpool points, which you can apply to any skill you have learnerd to level 0.
-Items skill requirements
You need skills to use items.

Monsters with A.I.
-Town guards
Guards with simple A.I.
-Line of sight
LOS system.
Simple Auction, you can sell items in it and buy items from it.
-Spell System
Spell system with few spells only for now, but more will come ofc.
-Random dungeon generator
Makes random dungeons in every server boot.
-Zone based monster spawning
Spawns monsters randomly into zones by level of zone.
-House building
Currently you can build house tiles with carpentry skill and place tiles on the ground one by one.
-Magical items
Items you find or craft can be magical, you need to identify them with item identify scroll.
30 slot stash.
-Character perks
Few perks you can choose after with perk points.
You need to learn skill (Smelting) and buy or loot Smelting tool and use it to get to the Smelting menu.
You need to learn various skills and buy or loot Smith hammer and use it to get to the Blacksmithy menu.
You need to learn skill (Basic cooking) and buy or loot Frying pan and use it to get to the Cooking menu.
You need to learn skills (Alchemy theory and Basic Alchemy) and buy or loot Alchemy set and use it to get to the Alchemy menu.

If you have required skills (Skinning and Skinning Knowledge) and weapon like dagger in your inventory you can try to skin some monsters by left clicking + shift the corpse.

With wielded pickaxe and required skills (Mining and Ore knowledge) you can mine rocks by left clicking + shift the rock.
With wielded lumber axe and required skills (Lumberjacking and Log knowledge) you can lumberjack by left clicking + shift the tree.
You can make boards from logs and use boards to craft items.
Currently you can make identify scrolls (allows making skillbooks etc in a future).
-Animal taming
Prototype taming. You can tame some animals by pressing control and click them.
You can fish and every fish have different weight. You can also find treasures.
You can use hides you get from skinning to make items.
You can put tamed animals in the pen (can be crafted with carpentry). Sheeps for example will produce wool.
Can make clothes.
Grow some crops.
You can tame an animal, sheep for example, put it in the pen (need to make by carpentry) wait it to grow some wool what you can shear.