Panicked and Surrounded by Hot Vampires


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In the harsh season of Winter, 47-year-old Chester H. Smith was sent out to survey a property that wasn't on the registry. When he goes to inspect the house, he finds that the two owners, Dez and Viscardi, are vampires! He finds himself trapped with these strangers until the winter storm passes over. Will Chester make it out alive? Will sparks fly between him and one of the vampiric homeowners?

Panicked and Surrounded by Hot Vampires is a comedy, romance game that talks about life and death featuring eternal characters and a character who is running out of time.

Content Warning: This game contains strong language, blood, death, and grieving over deceased family members. Please be advised while playing.


• Partial voice acting
• Two romance options
• Over 20k words
• Five endings (2 bad endings, 3 romance endings including a poly ending!)
• Dyslexic-friendly font

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