ZED: Absolution


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Meet ZED - a battle hardened Seraphim Warrior. Banished from the Heavenly Host, he fights for his salvation by competing in the Tournament of the Accord. Waging war against the corpses of fallen kin, he must survive a brutal gauntlet and work his way through progressively challenging, and terrifying, realms. Only by collecting the souls of the damned can he earn his way back into the grace of the God's. Build a massive arsenal, wield unique powers, and give special blessings to ZED’s armor to help reclaim absolution.

ZED takes elements from many styles of gameplay and melds them into a one of kind experience. ZED is a top down throwback arcade shooter bringing the like of Robotron 2048 and SmashTV into 2013. ZED has many layers beyond classics such as these, and brings many elements of gameplay you find in RPG, ISO, and FPS games.

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