Mount and Blade: Warband - Rise of the Praetorii

Rise of the Praetorii

In Rise of the Praetorii, you build a character using the class system and difficulty settings first seen in Blood and Steel. You then must take control of Calradia during a war for power between two empires. I mostly used Blood and Steel as my guideline for building this and have used most of the things in that mod for this one. Invincibility is currently on, so you may want to edit your character's strength before playing. All players start with iron, hardtack, bullets, and two guns. It is a highly enjoyable single-player game-play experience. It is advised that you do not play this on Hardcore difficulty in demo mode. Factions: Praetorii Imperial Guard Calradian Empire Templars Death Knights Cannibals Bandits Slavers Manhunters Disclaimer: I give most of the credit for the items and troops in this module to the people who made Blood and Steel.

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