Age Of Conan Servers To Be Cut By Half

Funcom published the list of planned server mergers for its Age Of Conan MMO, revealing that the total number of servers will go down from 49 to just 18.

The North American and Oceanic regions will see the largest server reduction from the current 24 servers to just 6. Merging each 6 or 7 servers together, the US will have a single player-versus-player server and 2 player-versus-environment servers.

Europe will retain 12 servers, but only because Funcom needs to provide a variety of server types across four different languages. English-speaking European servers are getting cut down from 13 to 4.

Funcom has already merged two Oceanic servers together last week, and expects to finish the North American and European servers' merges this week.

The steep reduction in server numbers is a clear indication of how far the game's population has dwindled since its launch.

However, these server mergers will no doubt enhance the players' experience with busier and more dynamic surroundings, more combat and healthier economies on the remaining realms. Funcom also plans to flesh out new high level content as well as the game's first expansion pack this year.

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