Alternative Game Announced

Alternative Game Announced Alternative Game Announced

...and now for something different. In the past, games carrying alternative storylines have been limited to a few shareware or free titles. These efforts, though gallant, have usually resulted in simple games which have, with few exceptions, remained far from the mainstream.
A well - made game is almost always enjoyable and most such games have storylines which over time are beginning to seem repetitive. Veggie Games, a Canadian developer, has announced the release of a game which seems to be attempting to bridge the gap between alternative storylines and well - made games.

Veggie Games announced the development of their first vegetarian/environmental themed video game project. The game, titled Steer Madness, is a 3D action-adventure game where the player embarks on a world-changing adventure in an open city environment as a steer who has barely escaped the slaughterhouse. Players can freely explore the city, interact with other characters, and play though the missions to save the environment and fellow animals. The non-violent gameplay and captivating storyline are sure to make Steer Madness a favorite among people of all ages!

Steer Madness features music from several Vancouver-local independent bands, including Hector, Angie Inglis and The Winks.

Steer Madness is expected to be released in stores in late 2003.

Stay tuned as MegaGames will bring you the demo as soon as it is available.