Amazon's New World MMO is pretty, detailed, and huge

Amazon might be relatively new to the game-development world, but with near-unlimited resources at its disposal, it's diving in feet first with the most expensive kind of game to develop: an MMO. Where many companies have failed, Amazon hopes to succeed with a large-scale, expansive, open world for exploring. Called, "New World," the game puts you in the shoes of a 17th-century colonial man or woman in an alternative world of that period, giving you an enormous area to explore, fight, and build a legacy in.

You'll be charged with fighting monsters, using magic, and building a settlement. There will be survival elements, player run colonies, economy, and territory. Think Eve, if it was on foot and with skill-based weaponry. That's right, you'll have twitchy combat, so if you miss with your arrow, you don't do any damage.

The first footage of the still NDA-clad game has made its way online via PornHub of all places, but some of it has now made its way to YouTube. Don't expect it to last long though, so watch it while you can:

Crafting will help you create components for weapons, armor, and buildings and you'll need to stay on top of survival resources too, like food and water. That gives plenty of scope for theft from other players and could lead to some interesting economies and factions once the game has been out in the wild for some time.

Amazon's New World doesn't have a release date as of yet and it looks still relatively early in development, so don't expect it to launch until 2019 at the absolute earliest.

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