AMD to bring FidelityFX Super Resolution to RX 400 cards too

AMD's upcoming upscaling technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution will also be supported by the five year old RX 400 Polaris 10 generation of graphics cards, extending it to once popular GPUs like the RX 480 and 470. Although those cards have long since been replaced by AMD multiple times — and are no longer even close to competitive with modern GPUs, there are still many gamers with older cards who can now not afford to upgrade due to terrible availability and pricing. For them, FSR could be a lifesaving technology.

FSR is AMD's answer to the Nvidia DLSS upscaling technology and though it's not released just yet, it's making waves in the industry, not for its quality or performance — although the latter is impressive and the former underwhelming — but because of its potentially broad acceptance. Nvidia's DLSS is only supported by its new-generation RTX 3000 and RTX 2000 graphics cards due to its demand for Tensor cores. AMD's FSR works on just about everything released in the past five years, including RX 500, 5000, 6000, and RX Vega, as well as Nvidia's own GTX 10, 20, and 30 series cards.

And now AMD has clarified that RX 400 cards will be supported too.

FSR will need to be implemented by game developers and engine makers for it to actually be usable in game, but it is reportedly far easier to add it than DLSS. The fact that it can be used by any graphics card from the past half-decade is a major selling point too.

Unlike DLSS, though, which has been targeted at raising performance for those who can already afford a high-end graphics card, FSR could help those with weaker cards play newer games at reasonable frame rates. That's its major selling point and adding support for RX 400 cards makes it all the better.

Image source: u/Osprey850/Reddit

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