AMD Ryzen 6000 CPUs will use DDR5, Have as many as 96 cores

AMD Ryzen 6000 CPUs will use DDR5, Have as many as 96 cores

AMD may still be struggling to put out enough stock of its Ryzen 5000 CPUs, but details are starting to leak out about the potential of its next-generation. As AMD finally moves beyond its AM4 socket, it will reportedly move to a much larger socket design with a lore more pins. That in turn, could lead to much greater core counts, with its server and HEDT chips possibly packing as many as 96 cores.

This latest update come from Twitter user ExecuFix, who has a history of impressively accurate leaks. They suggest that along with 96-cores, the new server chips would use 12-channel DDR5 (potentially opening up quad-channel for mainstream CPUs), support for PCIExpress 5.0, and a massive 320w-400w TDP.

The CPU itself will have almost 6,100 pins. That's a huge development of an absolutely massive CPU.

This core count increase won't come because of an increase in cores per-CCD, but because of an increase in the number of chiplets. The top Genoa chips will reportedly have 12 chiplets with a single large IO.

While we can't extrapolate too much from this about mainstream desktop, it should mean DDR5 and PCIE 5.0 support will transfer over, leading to massive increase in memory bandwidth and opening up the potential for greater core counts. We're also expecting to see big IPC gains well into double digits, and an increase in clock speed to finally breach 5GHz. All on 5nm.

Zen 4 should be a monstrously fast generation. The question is, will supply be as bad as it is now when it releases?