AMD slashes Threadripper pricing ahead of new-gen launch

If you want to upgrade your processor to something hefty in multi-threaded settings, AMD has bottomed out the pricing of its first-generation Threadripper CPUs ahead of the launch of the second-generation this coming Monday. Although you may be too late to take full advantage already, there are still substantial savings to be found if you shop around.

Late last night, AMD cut prices of its full range of Threadripper CPUs by several hundred dollars. People reported finding the 1950X at $600 -- $200 down from its typical price at $200 less than its successor will debut at. The biggest savings however, could be found with the 1920x, which sites like Amazon listed at just $250 for a few hours before stock very quickly sold out.

Other retailers had similar large discounts, with Newegg and others listing it at around $300, though their stock has too disappeared. Third-party resellers have taken advantage of this and are now reselling many of these chips between $300 and $400, which is still a sizeable discount over their previous prices, but it's not quite the savings that early birds were able to net themselves.

AMD's second-generation Threadripper CPUs make big gains over the first-generation, with a doubling of core counts across the range. The new 2990WX will have 32 cores and 64 threads, while even the weakest in the line up will offer 16 and 32 respectively.

Pricing will be higher than the first-generation Threadripper chips, but they still come in behind Intel's most expensive and powerful CPUs, meaning the new-generation should be well accepted in prosumer circles.

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