AMD UK accidentally leaks specs of its Ryzen 2 chips

AMD is slated to release some exciting new Ryzen CPUs in the coming months, but the details of them have remained somewhat secretive as of late. That is until AMD itself accidentally leaked the specifications for all of the upcoming Ryzen 2 CPUs on its Facebook page, alongside a roadmap of its third and fourth generation CPUs built on the Zen architecture.

The most exciting aspect of this leak is the breakdown of the different Ryzen 2 chips, which look to built on the first-generation of well-received Ryzen CPUs with faster frequencies and support for faster memory.

The Ryzen 2600, 2600X and 2700X are all built on 12nm processes, with boosted clock speeds (up to 4.35GHz on the 2700X) and full support for DDR4 2933MHz memory, a nice jump over the 2666Mhz support of the first-generation Ryzen chips. All improvements are positive, though it does seem as if the Ryzen 2700X required a slight bump in power to achieve its higher clock speed. It will draw 105w rather than the 95w of its predecessor.

Not information has yet been released on the expected top-of-the-line Ryzen 2800X CPU, though thas has been speculated to be to do with AMD waiting to bin enough of its chips to reach those higher frequencies, using weaker chips to create the 2700X CPU instead.

The second slide that appeared in this leak showed us that following the Raven Ridge APU and Pinnacle Ridge Zen+ (Ryzen 2-series) CPUs in 2018, there will also be a second generation of top-tier Threadripper chips, which should be very impressive. Those will be followed by full new-generation hardware in 2019 with Picasso, Matisse and Castle Peak representing the three main CPU segments. They will each have a new process technology and brand new CPU core, so should go way beyond what we have with current-generation Ryzen hardware now.

Those will be further iterated upon in 2020 in the same manner as Ryzen 2XXX chips are improvements over the first-gen Ryzen CPUs.

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