Asian gamers affected by game installer malware

Asian gamers affected by game installer malware

Gamers in many Asian regions and specifically Taiwan, have found that downloading some of their favourite games as of late, like League of Legends, FIFA 3 and Patch of Exile, leaves them riddled with malware.

Fortunately for those worried that this trend might spread to other regions, the particular PlugX malware wasn't traced back to any of the developers themselves, but to a third party patch and installer provider in the region called Garena.

Garena recently released a report on the matter, stating that its patch servers had become riddled with trojans.

"As a result, all the installation files distributed for the games League of Legends and Path of Exile are infected," it said, making you wonder why it didn't disable patching until it had figured out how to clear out the infection.

Still, it does appear now to have gotten a handle on things, thanks to help from a attendees at a digital security conference in Taiwan, called Hacks. They were the ones who initially discovered the bug and along with US based anti-malware firm, Trend Micro, were able to remove the threat.

However, anyone in Eastern nations that has downloaded any of the listed games, as well as Heroes of Newerth, is encouraged to check themselves for malware, as they may have been infected during a patching.

[Thanks DigitalSpy]